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Is a refugee camp an actual care system?

Want to hear about how the refugee camps in the north of France function? Who delivers hot meals in Calais, who takes care of clothing in Dunkirk, and how is it funded? Read about L’Auberge, volunteer-driven, donation-based effort to help people - Alex is giving you a walk around the camps where he works.

How do we accept newcomers in society, transform fear into trust, how do we work together? 

“I once helped to supply refugees with clothes. Our group of volunteers carried box after box and it would happen that some of the refugees asked to help us. We would refuse their offers and told them that it was okay to go rest and let us do the work. I didn’t realize at that time that we treated them like children, belittling them, taking their integrity and giving them the feeling of uselessness. Out of arrogant goodwill." Help Dennis figure this out!

When life is not about ticking off to-do lists and becoming “successful”, how do we cope? 

How many of us feel insecure and vulnerable? How many speak about these issues but fail to deal with own problems? How does the idea of effectiveness make us feel failing and insecure? We invite you to share your thoughts and help Nele figure this out.

Shall we join Pixelache this year?

I came across this festival, calling for ‘Interfaces for Empathy’.  Op3nCare is a natural fit for this call with the struggle for new interface for caring. We could use it as a space to meet similar initiatives, in a friendly environment of Lapinlahti, a former hospital and the main venue of the event. How about a one-day sprint to write an application and try that? Who’s in?

Important notice: changes to

We are transitioning to a new, improved version of our community site. We have a new navigation system that is live since March, and a new information architecture implemented for the OpenCare group - for now. The new design is meant to encourage members to share stories more than create project spaces (which often are then abandoned on the site and hard to find) and make sense of questions they are trying to figure out as they write the stories. Try it yourself? We also have a new version of the rich text editor now, a much improved image uploading and positioning feature. For technical details and more info do ask in the Dev&Testing group.

Image credit: Illustration commissioned by Edgeryders from Ola Moller

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Content from the community or more like new opportunities?

Thanks for getting this started @Natalia_Skoczylas - curious what kind of info are you looking for and is this for the OpenCare newsletter or broader community (3000+)?

Let me know how I can help, my last summary - content wise - is here.

Also upcoming is a post on OpenCare Year 1, if it helps…

It is a newsletter for the community in general - but as Open Care is a flagship project now, I think it is worth pointing out various related things?

thank you for the tips, will look it up right now

Ok, added and see if they’re useful to you.

Added 3 highlight pieces from the OpenCare conversation. They can be sent separately in a newsletter just to invite people to join the conversation.

For a general purpose newsletter maybe shorten them to go alongside other anouncements.


Four announcements (first especially important)

Four quick updates:

  1. We are going to be running an online seminar and chat on food and care with Simon Klose, Filmmaker and Host of Munchies a new series on foodhacking. When should we schedule it so you can join us?
  2. Everyone who participates actively in the project is eligible for one of our fellowships with cash grants attached
  3. We have 4 day tickets to give away for this year's edition of re:Publica. I'm doing a talk about OpenCare/ Edgeryders there on Wednesday, May 4 at 11:15 and the organisers have offered me a number of tickets. We'll give them away in exchange for a brief summary of what you learned (to share with those who couldn't make it in person).More information about the event and tickets etc here.
  4. Noem's gone through what you have been contributing to and posted a thoughtful summary hereWe do this to facilitate you“finding” one another around shared/ complementary interests. As well as to draw others in the community to help you further develop your thinking/knowledge base around the care-related topics or questions which you are exploring. We recommend taking advantage of the opportunity by being responsive to comments people leave- they often contain helpful questions, advice or offers of help. 


Scheduled mailout for tomorrow morning as per Natalia’s instructions.

FYI we are at our maximum upper limit of 2000 subscribers and cannot add more people unless we want to start paying for the mailchip service.