"Creating conditions for open care" means creating culture, influencing policy, learning from collectives' work

Notes from our community call ahead of #OpenVillage Fest, with:

Michael - curious about The Reef and would like to drop by in Brussels.

Bernard - piloting a new Unmonastery. Building cloches for growing food in urban areas. Three people hoping to come along to Open Village. Measuring soil humidity for better gardening (Ken in Ireland) http://www.aae.ie/ait-eile-monastery-2017/

John - likes the open source, self management tools. DIY control of your stuff - needs to be open source; Raspberry Pi: board for remote controlling stuff, with microports; you can make kiosk videos; it will plug into a lot of ports; Lile Arduino. Great application to practical tasks. Including medical. Getting some hackers/DIY electronics people at the festival would be cool.

Alberto- Buffalo NY. Working on water quality and using fly fishing as a way for integrating citizen science and working with schools. Building environmental stewardship

Winnie - citizen science theme for the Festival, working with Alberto, involved in open biology lab here in Belgium

Noemi- has been working to curate OpenVillage program

Gehan - Glasgow, involved in Galgael.

How do we create the conditions for opencare? 

Are we over-investing in one way of producing change? That being through policy.

How do we create a culture that creates an environment, an ecology of care?

Bernard: spent time with Transition Galway, actively involved in doing things; Bernard and his group are involved in Galway 2020 which means they can go ahead with a little funding and act under the banners of culture. Especially in mental health - they managed to get a centre open besides the hospital (see Cosain for more info).

That’s by getting into anything that is public participation, getting lots of groups together.

Galway City Community Network (CCCN) - they tried to influence the council. Galway got a Greenleaf award - there were events promised, funding,… and nothing happened. Currently all the environmental groups are putting pressure for something to actually happen, by going international: “Because we’re officially registered we wrote to the Council through Galway’s CCCN. The next stage is to go directly to the Greenleaf in Europe”.

Gehan: what is comes down to is dropping this idea that creating jobs is important, and explore decoupling work from jobs. Jobs have come to monopolise work in a way that is not necessarily conducive to the kind of future we’d want.

Learning to do open policy: who should we invite at OpenVillage?

Noemi: Help with feedback on the programme pls? https://edgeryders.eu/openvillage/program

Open Policy making group in Milano as they work on Collectively enforcing a mobility policy. How do you make people comply with this? Its cheaper for shop owners to pay the fine. Working with social designers, ethnographers. Collective law enforcement. Is it about understanding constraints at a system level? A live debate…? Let Noemi know what is needed to go deeper on this theme.

Do a search on the network and see what work is happening on policy and explore gaps. Send invitation to get people to participate in a panel- starting with @Luciascopelliti @Matteo & co.

Co-Living: "Collective policing and policy-ing"?

Simon from England - be useful to try to get his engagement. Lancaster co-housing. Not working. But builds in lots of protection for you. Sliding scale - when you live with people, how much are you keeping for yourself. It really comes into play when you have kids. That’s when it gets interesting. The parenting dynamic can become tense. It’s always a conversation between the individual and the collective. It might be interesting to hear more about how they’ve doing.

Community in Milano - Bovisa Co-housing. Post on Edgeryders. Premise when we got there was not as anticipated. Lack of understanding at the beginning that this was a communal project. Spectrum between family and ‘sociality’. Moved over time to sociality but not deliberately. Self-selection. Very organic.

Connected to sharing everything - vs - sharing common values. Design, expectation, governance.


Bernard: Water supply - testing water. Trying to live with off grid. Reed beds. There are people working on this that we can network with. Several proposals have touched on the importance of water, there is energy to work with. or is it also more practical - like plumbing - that you’re after? Winnie: some guys pretty active in the tiny houses here in Belgium. He came to us for info on a fungal filter for his water at some point

Noemi: How people learn to live together while also making a contribution in the world. Lifestyle - impact relationship.

Gehan: In GalGael: we don’t live together but we work together. Drug & alcohol policy but this doesn’t keep people safe. Collective policing versus authoritarian policing - still limited; how to go beyond the reach of policy - perhaps by creating working principles that guide day to day interactions and relations?

John: underlying theme would be just asking them what are ways to form alliances without a pre-defined outcome. What is the commitment when people do decide to come/live together?

What about you? What would you like to learn about?

Meet the Policy Maker debate… ? (curated)

Hello all,

I propose we work towards a session to make the most out of experiences in creating conditions and infrastructure for open care: open and collaborative policy making being one aspect of it, and I’m sure there’s more. Hopefully we have the journey of Milano to start with, but I can see it playing out as a live debate with other progressive civil servants and community members whom we could invite based on a preliminary outline.

I invited Lucia Scopelliti and Gehan for a first stab at the concept, but I could use some input from @Alberto and @Tino_Sanandaji too. - does anyone come to mind that we could invite who understands policy and political opportunities and constraints from city side or community side?

Hi Noemi, about “Learning to do open policy” @luciascopelliti would give her contribution as she confirmed she’ll attend Open village. Though @rossana_torri and myself will shortly catch up with @gehan on the building up of the session.


Sounds good! Lucia coming does in no way exclude what we discussed and your contributions @matteo! It would be good to hear you all, or all the Milano crews coming whose voice you consider relevant in the conversation - you mentioned @costantino during our call.