Creative Commons Film Festival Matera Edition as a part of Open Culture Fest

“In September (or october) Edgeryders are building a European event on community-owned digital assets in Matera” - sound’s like this is a perfect timing for a Creative Commons Film Festival.

Here what it is:

Film Festival LICENSED CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 (Attribution-Nonc ommercial-Share Alike), under the premise COPY THIS FESTIVAL. Meaning that even the festival itself can be downloaded, copied, remixed, distributed and projected for free anywhere in the world. It was born in Barcelona in 2010 BccN, and since then was copied around the world with a support of BccN team. To promote this copies, BccN provides the content, the program, movies, the recording of the pannels, contacts, master of the poster, festival’s image…etc.

Last year I have been to Nordic Edition of the fest in Malmo, organized by CC filmmaker Hanna Skold, and I have started thinking about the Matera edition. I’m ready to start working on it.

Based on our conversation with Emmanuelle, Picianello area sounds great for screenings, as well as unMon, Fuccine de l’Eco, Casa Netural if up for it, caves on the other side of the Gravina, and many many more. During Nordic Edition venues which screened the movies could add themselves to the festival map, we’ll do the same.

Hanna can help with experience from the Nordic CC fest organization, content for interesting film/media workshops, and she is also a friend, and would be great to have her at the fest either physically in Matera, or over remotely over hangouts. We’ll see who else around the world is up for making one at the same time with us, so we can connect over hangout for a chat and place Matera on the map of global events, as @Marc did with Global Arduino Day at unMon.

The Open Culture Fest idea is a part of a commons theme is a recurrent theme on ER platform. From 2 years old post:  and a conversation we had with @Helene and @Noemi to the ER current threads

@Noemi Caring for Commons is also one of the themes of Spot The Future event in Cairo this Friday?  Overlaps are many and ways for mutual piggybacking of the projects are great, lets look for more.

More overlaps: - Max Valentine from Fabel Kommunikation, as far as I understand also took a part in organizing the last year edition. @Nadia, would make sense to ping him to see if he want’s to take a part in some way?

A big part of CC Film Festival has a strong connection with crowdfunding culture, and there are a lot of experts in this field amongst CC filmmakers. A while ago, I posted a short conversation with Nico Alcala in a crowdfunding group. A project he was leading is crowdfunded film which was also crowdproduced (swarmed!) by over 5000 people.

Here is also some overlaps with Viral Academy

  • It implies learning by doing: mobile app for the Fest can be one of the projects/learning teams of VA.

  • Apart from learning tech, crowdfunding is one of the skills in the Viral Academy skill ontology.

  • Viral Academy is working in collaboration with students from Liceo Artistico Matera throughout the summer. Creative Commons licence is a hot topic for artists.


CC Film Festival i Barcelona is happening 5-8 of june. Which means any day after that the festival can be copied. It would be ideal to schedule it around LOTE4. I have started to look for potential spaces for screenings, Nundo (Rete Cinema Basilicata), that most will know from Vicolo Cieco, offered help with organising it.

I would like to share info about potential venues with Fernando, Barcelona CC Film Fest contact, so far we spoke about the fest in general terms.

Perfect venues would be, sure: unMon and Casa Netural, Vicolo Cieco, Fuccine. Few other cafes where I became a regular will be happy to screen. But there are many spaces I might not know of, and those I have no information on possible access to as well, so I would appreciate any suggestions: people I should contact, venues I should consider.

May be Comitato can help? Suggest any spare caves with an electric plug?

Of course, Creative Commons Film Fest implies that everyone can put themselves on the map and show a movie. But availability of bigger more official venues and public space for screenings and workshops makes it better.

Sorry I had missed this post!

Im guessing Noemi did too, we’re stretched very thin at the moment. Re: Max, sure why not? I suspect however you will have to find some way to cover his costs and some small fee but it’s better to ask him directly. Do you need an introduction?

So are you committed to this?

I’d read the post but didn’t know what I could contribute at the moment…

So many ideas and event plans in Matera! I just think that it will become easier to involve Edgeryders once we know something is definitely going to happen. Great lead, do you need anything from me?

Caring for commons is still a generic theme for Futurespotters, and main conversations that arose within it are:


Thanks for finding smart overlaps. Matera seems to empathise with the idea of CC Film Fest from all kind of crowds: from those interested in commons to those not yet concerned about the subject, but interested in screening and watching good quality free movies as well as connecting Matera to wider transnational networks.

So I will keep this conversation going while in Sweden and Russia.

Of course, there are practical questions: from whether unMon will be accessible in September to how much money we might need and where to get it. As I said, CC Film Fest is good to run in parallel with LOTE4 if both happening in Matera. Otherwise, CC Film Fest stand on it’s own whenever it is the most appropriate for materani to attend and participate. I can find this out through our local contacts, which would be tricky if I didn’t come here for 3 month.

I know many people are stretched thin, and up for working on it as much as it’s needed and provided that the initiative is not considered a hassle.

I see CC Film Fest as a great opportunity to start conversations outside of circles of those closely following the topic. Simply because everyone watches movies, and CC Film Fest program is usually as entertaining as it is educational, so there is no need to rely on early adopters for participation.

My 3 weeks at unMon (the rest I spent in other locations in Matera) as well as talking to people who have been active here, worked and lived much longer than I did, it is invitation to actively participate which can be a bit tricky, as long as the interface either unfamiliar or when the options to plug and play are not obvious. That’s why i’m talking about movies here.

I think it would work pretty much the same anywhere, because Matera is not the only city which likes welcoming interfaces and comprehensible code.

Aw, Matera loves the CC Fest idea

I’m back to Malmo since a couple of days back, and hear more positive feedback and interest in the fest. Not a passive interest, but joining in to build. I’m flattered, as I loved the Malmo edition of the fest and also generally passionate about global, distributed events. They have a special buzz in them. Also, this means that I have a good reason to come to Matera in the near future again, and it’s ok to be temporarily digital. Luckily, Lauren is on the ground and talking to new people. Will be great to plug in Liceo Artistico as one of the hosting and screening crowds, and to host parallel workshops.

Cool! Oh I was under the feeling you’re very temporarily in Malmo, looks like you’re there to stay for a while?

Why wouldn’t they like it? Hesitance tends to appear when more concrete stuff is on the table, especially the issue of who takes responsibility to make it happen. Before that, I’d see this as promising, but far from a guarantee. Anyway, staying in touch probably helps.