Our Themes

  • Environment and Climate: We explore and experiment solutions around ecological living, ecosystem restoration and esp. climate change amelioration and adaptation. Under this theme we run a set of experimental projects assembling community and diverse institutional partners to apply solutions to climate change and sustainability challenges in today’s world as a house on fire. The findings from the projects serve as data points in developing new economic theory and models needed to enable transition to a sustainable future. (More)
  • Research & Science : We design and deploy new open source technologies and common infrastructure upon which we can build new products and services. Participants build meaningful research partnerships and pursue funding together. (More)
  • Good Technology: We work on what new technologies really should do for humanity and all it encompasses. Individuals and organisations collaborating with us under this theme develop technologies guided by insights from open and inclusive dialogue on how technologies should work, be governed, financed and built. (More)
  • Culture for Transformation : This theme connects and equips artists, producers, as well as researchers to experiment uses of culture as a tool for social change, and digital technology as a way to accelerate it. (More)
  • Distributed Futures Lab: This cluster equips leaders and organisations to better navigate the new reality. Member build tools and frameworks for activities, ventures and programs that are ideated and deployed by large numbers of individuals working together over the internet. (More)
  • One Health & Resilience : We take a collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to make sense of how to respond to links, interdependencies and commonalities of human and ecosystem health. (More)
  • Good Work & Life: We build a meaningful, productive and enjoyable work-and-life environment. It combines business incubation, P2P learning, socialisation and communal spaces. (More)