About us

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About us

About us

Edgeryders are on a mission to boost everyone’s ability to live and work well in times of upheaval.

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About us

We build and nurture platforms for groups to think together and act on today’s urgent issues.

About us

We believe it is now time to prepare for the serious shocks that will soon be upon us as the consequences of dysfunctional economic systems and climate change start to hit hard. Edgeryders takes on these challenges equipped with new science, our in-house technology development lab and most important of all - an online community of 6000 members spanning every continent and area of expertise.

There are no silver bullet solutions. We know from science and experience that no individual, small group, or organisation can contain the issues that affect us the most, no matter how smart. Instead, Edgeryders builds diverse communities and induces collective intelligence dynamics within them. We seek out existing initiatives , organisations, people, places and networks. Acknowledge their good work and build on it. Avoid duplication or competing with one another’s work. Stay open to help anyone who means well and is working on something promising. Improve participants’ ability to access, analyse and interpret information . We support our members, partners and clients to do the same.

You can help

Get in touch. Edgeryders can support the work of changemakers in more than 80 countries because people like yourself support us with knowledge, contacts and resources:

Write to nadia@edgeryders.eu or send us a message at +3248507963

Our clusters

  • Environment and Climate: EarthOS is our cluster of innovators around ecological living, ecosystem restoration and esp. climate change amelioration and adaptation. It is a set of experimental projects assembling community and diverse institutional partners to apply solutions to climate change and sustainability challenges in today’s world as a house on fire. The findings from the projects serve as data points in developing new economic theory and models needed to enable transition to a sustainable future. (More)

  • Research & Development : This cluster designs and deploys R&D activities including joint development of new open source technologies and common infrastructure upon which members can build new products and services. Members build meaningful research partnerships and pursue funding together. (More)

  • Good Technology : This cluster experiments with what new technologies really should do for humanity and all it encompasses. Individuals and organisations in this cluster develop technologies guided by insights from open and inclusive dialogue on how technologies should work, be governed, financed and built. (More)

  • Culture for Transformation : This cluster connects and equips artists, producers, as well as researchers to experiment uses of culture as a tool for social change, and digital technology as a way to accelerate it. (More)

  • Distributed Futures Lab : This cluster equips leaders and organisations to better navigate new realities: remote work, distributed events and services, new business models and online technologies for large scale coordination. Members build tools and frameworks for activities, ventures and programs that are ideated and deployed by large numbers of individuals working together over the internet. (More)

  • One Health & Resilience : This cluster takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to support community responses to failing health and social care systems, by acknowledging interdependencies and commonalities of health ecosystems. (More)

  • Good Work & Life: Collective efforts across the network to built a meaningful, productive and enjoyable work-and-life environment. It combines business incubation, P2P learning, socialisation and communal spaces. (More)


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We work towards resilient societies

Enquiries: company@edgeryders.eu