Decentralised social media account management | Please have a look at buffer and if you agree create an account

Hi Guys,

Luce and Costantino pointed out that the social media and mailing list flow has a number of flaws:

  • We keep missing important information about the activities of the different partners, great pieces of content, interesting and relevant news from our meanderings on the internet.
  • We are also missing the incredible resource that such a diverse partnership offers: each one of us is looking in different directions at things that are relevant to open care: communities, open science- and technologies, developments relevant to health- and social care, as well as policy/provision of services from local and national institutions.
  • There is confusion about which content is going out where to which audiences, Costantino, mentioned consequences on not reaching critical mass due to lack of coordinated comms.

I have been experimenting with a software as service called buffer. It’s super smooth, saves a lot of time and allows you to manage social media accounts in a coherent, collaborative and strategic manner. The way it works is you install a browser plugin that allows you to easily generate status updates for any social media account, right then and there:

Also, it allows a group of people to manage shared accounts, as well as to reuse status updates that they like/feel are relevant to their individual audiences:

Since we can see the history of the posts in the buffer accounts, this simplifies and makes coherent the work of curating the material we send out via email ( for including open care related news in broader community as well as the open care specific daily status updates).

To get started: Create an account on and download the browser extension.Let me know when you have done this and I will then invite you into the account. The rest is self-explanatory. If you need help leave a comment below and I’ll walk you through it.

We use buffer everyday with Wemake

also with browser extension

the email of the registered account is hello at wemake dot cc,

you can invite us! :slight_smile:



Limit to the free version?

I am using Buffer and it helps me see what is planned for the social accounts, also pick out headlines for CountOnMe.

For some days now it tells me the team accounts have been downgraded and asks me to upgrade to a pay plan… Maybe check again that noemi at edgeryders dot eu is added?

To invite people in a Team

you need to setup a Buffer for Business account,

it doesn’t work on the free plan or awesome plan.



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yah we should split the costs. It’s 1000 bucks per year

If each partner covers cost of travel (flight for up to 250 Euros) for one participant to go to the final event, then we have this covered. Let me know ping @melancon @markomanka @zoescope @Luciascopelliti @Lakomaa

It would be enough

to share the user and  password of an opencare buffer account, so any of us can update it with posts and seeing what’s already planned by others.

In my opinion it’s waste of money to spend it on a tool that it’s not at the center of the action. I thought you analyzed the tool before making the proposal of using it and decided it was worth the investment for edgeryders point of view.




It works well at our end for our uses as it is.

Should others want to use the business features then it is up to them to make the decision, no?

We have a paid version.

Thanks for the heads up: I’ve been effectively afk for a couple of days, will look into it tomorrow.

Got it

Just created my account using my gmail address.

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Got it too


Got the extension too


Waiting for the last stragglers to do this once

@Rossana_Torri? @Luciascopelliti @Lakomaa @Tino_Sanandaji @markomanka?

Got it

Downloaded Buffer

Downloaded Buffer

Ok everyone added to the Op3ncare twitter account team

Hi guys, now that you have your plugin downloaded and installed all you need to do is create an account on using your email addresses that you pointed to above. look for the team link in the upper right hand corner and you should see you are added as a content contributor to @op3ncare account. If you have any problems email me

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Do we have a max no. of shares per day to not jam the channels?

Thanks, it works now!

If there is a limit of tweets/ shares that we should be weary of let me know. In general I will not add stuff when the queue is already at 4-5 planned posts.

Also, please don’t put the community calls in unless there is one announced for today.

Eg: For this Monday I hadn’t updated the Events page because I am not available to run it. Last week nobody came so I am making sure when we are running them there is an up-to-date event + agenda for the call + social share.

I was there today

No the upper limits are so high it’s not a problem. Just go ahead.