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We had a great visit to the Reef in Brussels last weekend and we discussed coming up with a workshop to lead into a day conference focused on exploring ‘deep green tech’.

The aim would be to get a deeper understanding of what it means for tech products and organisations to be deep green and ecologically sustainable.

We’d explore both the teams/organisations creating the tech as well as the tech itself, investigating the question: How can a startup structure and the technology it produces be deep green, ecologically sustainable and regenerative? We would invite a group of technologists and social entrepreneurs to feed into the discussion.

We would lead an introductory session to:

  • bring people into a present, grateful, connected and creative space.
  • confront collapse and what it means for tech projects.
  • to present and discuss (both intellectually and through activities) a series of guiding ‘deep green’ principles related to biomimicry / bio-harmony (Examples of these principles are: centralised vs distributed vs decentralisation, holarchy, coevolution, circular resource loops, subsidiarity, meta-stability, dividuation / integration, agent centric).

We could then move on to a series of more specific sessions about the applications of these principles to specific areas of tech and organisation design. The outcome might be a collectively created based report on deep green tech.

Would be great to get some feedback on this idea. We are happy to make any changes!


Julyan and Will


Welcome. And that sounds great. With an emphasis on deep. The greenness or lack of it in tech is hidden from most of us. Or maybe we just don’t look closely enough, or know where to look to find out.

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Hi @julyandavey (Julyan and… Davey? or Will?), it was lovely to have you. This conversation opener was requested by @nadia, as I recall it.

Me, I had promised to give you (well, Thomas was the one who seemed most interested, but I am not aware he made himself known on this website) some links on the Economic Science Fiction Seminar. Here goes:

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Hi guys super nice seeing you here, welcome :slight_smile:

There’s a thread where we are discussing this - could be a a good context to plug in the workshop and pull in people to tweak it and partner around running it in different places? Deep green internet of biases? and other terrible ways to open a conversation :) - #5 by nadia

Hei hei, welcome to our other home, this time on the web!

If we’d like the workshop to end with a report - it means there’s a lot of ground to cover - even if we come in with a summary of existing conversations happening online. This sounds more like a harmonious hackathon - we had this idea a few years back, for quiet and healthy events where real work would be done. Maybe there’s ideas in there which we could borrow.
Alternatively, if it’s more of a statement - the workshop could be like a mini exhibit to fill our brains with a future of what is possible, and let it rest for a while, then work on a manifesto online.
Either way, there isnt a lot you can do in a day… so format aligned with expectations is crucial imho.

Meanwhile in Australia… this can serve as an interesting case to learn from for how to go from workshop to engagement to action in tech community


" Most importantly, however, are the numerous initiatives beyond the film that are now in action following its release:

  • Seaweed: The next (re)generation – A crowdfunding marine permaculture initiative working with The Intrepid Foundation, Climate Foundation and the University of Tasmania to regenerate marine ecosystems in Tasmania and sequester carbon from the atmosphere has raised over $70,000 from public donations, all of which will be matched dollar for dollar by the Intrepid Foundation.
  • RedGrid intelligent energy grid technology – the film’s impact team has supported the Australian intelligent energy grid company, RedGrid, to help realise how the technology featured in the film can be applied in Australia. 2040 collaborated with RedGrid to open the opportunity for crowd-sourced investment from the Australian public; in 24 hours they received over $550,000 of expressions of interest.
  • Ecosia – a search engine that uses its profits to plant trees in seventeen countries around the world saw a significant amount of Australian traffic generated from the 2040 impact campaign. This has resulted in over 1,000 browser installs, over 100,000 searches and 2,719 new trees planted by this traffic.
  • Cool Australia2040 ’s educational outreach partner, has had 2,875 lesson plan downloads of the initial thirteen available lessons from schools and educators around Australia. An additional five more lessons for secondary science programs have now become available, and the uptake from schools across Australia is expected to continue to grow."

Hei @julyandavey curious if you’ve had time to look at these bunch of references?

Perhaps we could have a call with more people from the community who have already given input on green trustmarks and could be the conversation starterers at the event?
How about dedicating a community call like those planned by @johncoate @MariaEuler to make the next steps in planning the event?

For reference: @julyandavey have dreamed up a workshop on Reclaiming Utopia, developed as part of their work with Extinction Rebellion in London. This is also useful for the #research-network:economic-sci-fi seminar. @ilaria

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Still interest for a community call on this topic? @julyandavey would you be up to feature in it/prepare some questions and invite some people as a test for the workshop? Maybe in September?

would be great as everything is lined up for doing the workshop they proposed in Brussels this fall

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Excited to see a thread on this topic!

I’m really interested in how to combat the climate emergency. For people in the tech sector, I can recommend joining the Climate Act Tech group, which is sharing a lot of great tips and immediate actions.

I also recommend Chris Adams’ amazing work threading these various discourses and tools. His recent talk, When Software is Heating the World, is a particularly good recap of the climate crisis and what the tech sector can and should do.


Dear @thornet! Thank you for this comment and the links in it.

Would you like to get involved with some deep green tech events and projects in the Edgeryders NGI festival?

Have a look here: Edgeryders Festival November 19-29: See you there!

and if you have time on Tuesday 18-19, join us on the community call to discuss how to best represent those topics in the festival:

(here is the link to the call directly: Launch Meeting - Zoom)

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Hi @noemi @MariaEuler @alberto @nadia,

Ah so sorry to have missed your messages. For some reason they were going into my email spam folder. I definitely could come to the community call in September. What’s the date / time of it?

And definitely keen to be involved in the Edgeryders Festival. I can elaborate on our ideas for the Deep Green Tech workshop in the community call. Are you also suggesting we have a community call particularly for this topic? Maybe we could run that after the wider community call?

Sorry again for not being responsive…

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@julyandavey, great! We are looking forward to hear more about you work shop on the 3rd of September 18:00 Brussels time in the zoom community call and it would be great to set up a follow up call for deep green festival topics in detail with you within the following 2 weeks :).

maybe @matthias wants a heads up about the spam folder issue for notifications that @julyandavey point to above?

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Edgeryders IT admin here. If you still have one of these e-mails that was accidentally classified as spam and know how to forward e-mails as attachments (not “inline”), could you forward one to me at I’d be interested to analyze what caused this so we can improve our e-mail delivery in the future …

Hi @matthias. I’ve forwarded it to you!

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Is there a date and location yet?

hey hey :slight_smile: @mrchrisadams organised a dinner in Berlin but you were out of town. D But now you guys are connected here. Question - are you still in touch with previous Moz fellows like @sammuirhead ? It would be great to reach out to people who are already doing relevant/complimentary work and engage them in this conversation.

On a side note: Dunno if I ever mentioned it but found out from a friend that the co-working space someone rented for that Moz/Wikimedia meetup aaages ago was/is also an S&M venue once a month: Knotty am Kotti :)) Remembered it while thinking about possible venues for the workshop in Berlin.