Design a name and logo for the new event format!

We are prototyping a new event format ahead of lote4.

So we need a new name for it. See discussion here:

And a strong logo and visual profile. Past event profiles:


  1. Digital flyer                                                            2. Twitter avatar


  1. Website


  1. Square banner


  1. Square banner: building lote3 communitycall

  1. Header

  1. Workspace: /t/making-lote3/360

  1. Public-facing minisite: /t/lote3/312

Got ideas? Suggestions? Post them in a comment below.

Proposal: Harmonious Hackathon Visual Profile.

We are launching on Monday so we need to have the visual profile for the key parts of LOTE ready. This is the visual profile for the new format (Harmonious Hackathon). I repurposed it from something we had lying around which never was used.  We still need one for the other important components of LOTE.