Design and agree on information architecture for smooth project flow

This project will be one with a lot of moving parts in a relative short timeframe, combining:

  1. online engagement in each country, run throughout all the project duration by all engagement managers
  • weekly community calls per country, hosted in their language (engagement managers+community)
  • weekly post with updates from new people and projects in the community, in English + Native language (engagement managers)
  • weekly all-team meetings (Alberto, Nadia, Noemi, Irene? + engagement managers)
  • cross-country engagement and community management (Nadia)
  1. offline country visits, done by Alberto + country engagement manager. These will be intermitent, in some countries these will happen before online conversations get going, some which are scheduled later will happen after online conversations are up and running
  • 3-5 days of scheduled meetings with relevant stakeholders (Alberto + engagement manager) 
  • pre-meeting documentation (Noemi, collected from research on UNDP/UNV/country reports + insights from online conversation collated from engagers' weekly posts)
  • post-meeting documentation fed back ONLINE (engagement managers)

This is the basic stuff I think. Please others in the team sign this off and we’ll set up a visualization of this architecture.