Designing a Community Driven Welfare Model: how to leave a comment?

Hi,sorry if this is not the right way. I’d like to comment on Designing a Community Driven Welfare Model but don’t see how.

My question is how this is implemented.



hi Rune , take a look of this pic.

Do you see the section Add new comment ?

Yes on the screenshot I see it. Under the post I wanted to comment I don’t


If you’re here

can’t you see the Add new comment section?


Click to go to the post

@Rune hi! You need to click on the title of the post to be taken on its page with commenting options.

Now I see.

Thanks, now I see.

  1. The easy solution: I guess I was not tech savvy enough to understand that catch and I should do my homework before raising my arm in class.

  2. The userfriendly solution: The site could be redesigned - skip the fancy stuff of mouse:hover CSS to show links. Hiding the underlining is not helping the user. (To explain what I mean: you only see its a link when you hover over the title with the mouse and this does not work on mobile)

This feedback is free to use ;-). As they teach in bioengineering courses  - keep it simple.


No need for homework :slight_smile:

You’re probably right, keeping it in mind and passing it to our open dev group.

Heeeelp I’ve signed up for the flood. Please send me a lifeboat

Hi, I recently signed up and now I get dozens of more or less informative New Comment mails (23 mails in 5 hours).

The content look like this:

"New comment by Noemi, written Mon, 2016-06-27 15:12 in the OpenCare Research group: “No need for homework :slight_smile:”.

and thats it. I propose that you at least repeat the new comment in the mail or could you merge it into one mail each day?

Where is the unsubscribe button in these mails?

Notification settings

Hi @Rune,  normally the notifications should be merged in one email, it’s how all users should receive them. For now I went to your Nofication Settings tab in your user profile and took the liberty to uncheck “Send email notifications by default”. Let’s see it it improves!

Thanks great

Now I found the Notification settings i unchecked everything.

Can I propose to make this a link in the New Content/Comment mails that brings you directly to notification settings as is the usual unsubscribe way?


Hello @Rune . I took the liberty of renaming your initial post, because it had the same title as the post you initially meant to comment.