Designing and Running Telework Training Courses

About this consulting

Many organisations need to train their teams and managers in practical remote / telework skills in the event of prolonged government office closures or scaling telework opportunities to build a more resilient and modern workforce. Developing specialized in-house training programs like this is time consuming, and requires in-depth knowledge of industry best practices as well as agency-specific needs. We consult with executives, stakeholders, and in-house trainers to help them develop training materials and online delivery methods to meet their agency’s specific needs. These customized telework training programs help improve team performance and coordination whether your team is already physically distributed, or transitioning out from an office.

Who it’s for

  • Executives and stakeholders who need to scale telework capacity at their organisation
  • In-house training teams who will be tasked with teaching telework skills to employees

What you learn

  • Identify and evaluate your agency specific training needs
  • Incorporate industry best practices for telework and distributed teams
  • Evaluate and highlight economic, environmental and workforce diversity improvements


  • Discovery to identify your goals and desired outcomes
  • One-on-one and small group virtual consulting sessions with stakeholders, curriculum developers, and trainers
  • Eight hours per week, for 6 weeks


Varies according to complexity of engagement and agency needs. To speed up this complex, custom process, we use common patterns and established best practices wherever applicable.