[Draft] Shine a light on a futuremaker: Contact someone running an interesting project and interview them

“Im interested in working with communities which I have reached out to now, and to create interviews and stories for the book.” - Mikhail

“I am interested in being part of this project to “be one of your future makers” - this would be helpful for the credibility/visibility of my organisation and work - Pamela

“I am interested in highlighting some social ventures that people do not know about in Cairo or Alexandria and help them strategically. Because in regions like upper Egypt or the delta there is not enough strategic planning in marketing or operations.” -Samar

Future Makers is a collaboratively produced book of case studies with analysis and graphics. The book will provide activists and social innovators an opportunity to discover and draw inspiration from what people in similar situations are doing in different parts of the world, and exchange methods. In the book we collaboratively produce 70 case studies from Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal and Ukraine. 

Our hypothesis is that networked collaboration could help us all achieve our objectives, and achieve impact at scale, by enabling us to make better use of our limited time and small resources. In Future Makers we aim to answer, in a scientifically rigorous way, how and when there is actually a direct benefit to collaboration for people who are already very busy driving their own projects? 

Based on first-hand experiences of people driving inspiring projects outside the mainstream in seven countries, this book will present the blueprint for what an attractive and sustainable mutual-support program for activists and social innovators could look like in practice, locally and transnationally.

In this task we ask you to get in touch with one person running an existing project that contributes to improving one or more dimensions of well-being in Armenia, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal or Ukraine. They can be people whom you have known for a long time, or they can be people who’s project you have heard about and are curious to know more about. Get in touch with them, interview them about their work using this interview framework, and post the results here

What's in it for you? 

Good for person conducting the interview: It’s a great opportunity to grow your own personal network and get to know and learn from people doing innovative and inspiring work near you.

Good for person being interviewed: Exposure (being featured in the book), discovering what other having access to global community of people with different skills and resources who can help you take your work to the next level.

Good for everyone: a) Discovering what interesting projects and people are near you, how they/we are working. b) Identifying concrete ways how we can get mutual benefit from one another. c) Whatever you come up with :slight_smile:

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Want to know how else you can help? Check out the Campaign Design for an overview.

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