Edgeryders is offering training on distributed organisation for LOTE4 team coordinators

When Edgeryders get going it’s like surfing a huge wave and a beauty to behold. Part of what makes this possible is distributed coordination between many individuals in different parts of the world collaborating on the online platform.

In learning to work together in this distributed way, we are building our capacity to get meaningful and ambitious things done. With new tools like Makerfox, and practices we develop through building LOTE events, we can unleash a lot of mutual support in developing community members’ individual projects.

It’s also why we don’t charge for LOTE events in money, but in collaboration.

On an individual level participants develop new knowledge, skills and practices that are key to thriving in difficult environments. These skills are starting to be valued on the market. Over the past year we have seen signs of more organisations wishing to invest resources into collaborating with Edgeryders on interesting projects. This is great news as it potentially means more paid work coming our way.

If you would like this community to realise more initiatives with the ambition and scale of the unMonastery, consider taking on a bigger role. Especially if at individual level we want to be eligible for future paid work, more of us need to develop the sought after skill and practices. Edgeryders is offering training to community members who take on team coordination roles for lote4, in addition to the lote4 ticket for fullfilling the role.

To learn more about what coordination involves, read the task description and follow the instructions there, or join the next community call. In doubt? Nothing gets done on Edgeryders until we start interacting with one another, so don’t hesitate to get in touch by replying and commenting, stepping in to let others know what you are willing to put in and how fellow members can help.

Looking forward to work together!

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YESSSS! let’s do this!

Im in.

Bring on the crowdsorcerers!

Great idea. It’s the closes thing we have to a real-life Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. We have done pretty cool things with smart swarms in the past :slight_smile:

And speaking of being an Apprentice Crowdsorcerer, I wrote this post three years ago, as we were starting Edgeryders. Still some useful stuff there!