Creating a roadplan in the runup to Living On The Edge

Every week Edgeryders hosts a group video conference call to welcome new people in the community, as well as get up to speed with projects and tasks we’re working on.

This week’s call will be focused on creating a roadplan for the next two months, as we race to our 4th annual community event - Living On The Edge (LOTE4), also known as The Stewardship.

Circa 40 Edgeryders joined their preferred team to help shape Lote and earn a ticket, so now that summer’s over it feels like a good time to tighten up. We’ll be discussing:

  1. Teams coordination: call to step up and lead a team still open. with @Natalia Skoczylas, conference coordinator

  2. Collecting stories and engaging with stewards in the Basilicata region, also globally. What’s coming out of the Case Study Adventure? with @Ben, @Lauren, @NicoBis

  3. Rebuilding our communication strategy, currently based on one main pillar, the #countonme mailing list. with @Noemi

Anything else? add your point in a comment below, and see you in the call!

When? Thursday, Aug 28th, 11 AM CEST

Join the hangout:

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Date: 2014-08-28 09:00:00 - 2014-08-28 10:00:00, Europe/Bucharest Time.

once again

I wont be able to join, but I am on my way back to internet connectivity and should be able to join next week-- from Matera. I will be in Matera from Sept 2-4 so if there is anything I can do while there let me know.

will have to run at 11 :30

will be there but I have to leave at 11 :30

Unfortunatey I’m in 8 to5 Job four days a week, where my presence is requested. My day off is monday, so I can’t join the online meetig, which I pity. I’ll try to join in via comments as best as possible. Hope, that this is o.k.

Sorry again



@mariabyck, @Anna Peregrina, no worries, we’ll upload the summary and keep you in the loop.

see you next time hopefully!

Maybe come in a bit late

I have to be in some public office at 10.30. It should not take me more than a few minutes, but then there’s transport back, so factor in 15 mins delay.

minutes for hangout 28-09-2014

@Noemi, here they are:


How to do the registration


Move on, we know that


Natalia - coordinating on site

Nico - coordinating storytelling team, stories about stewardship online

Agenda building - Ben

Hackathon before the LOTE event, led by James and Hazem and Alberto:

  • Call for projects

  • deadlines taken down, not valid anymore

  • overengineered, needs less control, more open now


  1. leading:

task:  show up in hangouts and post wiki updates

Ben: track tasks and people so we know who can do what (and whether did or not)

Alberto: how to create a task in Makerfox for earning the ticket

Noemi: leave instruction in the text

Alberto: keep track of tasks that are not open for contribution but need to count

Katalin: would like to help w/ Remy’s project

Alberto: contact Remy, he needs help

Kei: Can Alexandro stay at unMon first week of October.

Alberto: Oct. 12-20:  unMon full; lot of organisational mess; Ben, we have largest room in building

  1. teams

Noemi: how to coordinate

last year: weekly newsletters

Ben: weekly blogpost, send it on to wider audiences

  1. Noemi: who is doing what so far

Ben: lots done, interviews w/ stewards etc, needs to write it up, contact people who promised to do sessions, get proposals

Alberto: contact VIPS as soon as possible


Alberto: 3 teams; 2 passively, social media+fundraising+hackathon(main) - under control

Hazem: hard to engage people on the platform: no case studies, people don’t understand 'stewardship", needs good stories, how to bring people in who have good stories,

Ben: reduce questions, minimise requested information let them tell their stories

Alberto: don’t fight entropy

Ben: most people don’t think of what the do as “stewardship”, which makes their stories more important because it inspires other people to do similar work

Katalin: representing the “lost”; signed up for storytelling (taking notes and photos during the event) and curating sessions, but not sure what to do next.

Alberto: Narrative for LOTE4 missing (Welcome and Register done by Alberto)

storytelling is needed - contact Noemi

visit tasks page assign yourself and add comment so people see what you are doing

Dorotea: online and offline communications

Bembo: program design, how to structure the days, representative of unMon

Kei: documentation during conference

Lauren: travelling, lots of contacts, needs help w/ follow-up contacts

Kei: personalised invitation to platform, specific landing page

Noemi: an actionable, will do it

Ksenia: needs to look around more, has been absorbed in own project, wants to do a session

Alberto: let’s do a twitter storm, for energising

Bembo: good idea

Noemi: we have not enough quality content, stories, video

Alberto: it will give us a deadline to create content

timeline: Alberto - in 2 weeks; Noemi, end of Sept - privately sort out

Wiki is better

Thanks @katalin. This is the kind of stuff that works better in a wiki, also because other users can improve the initial writeup. I copied this comment of yours into this wiki, then added my own edits. Others are encouraged to do the same.

Thank you for joining today!

All, it was lovely to see you and I’m happy we took the time to agree on some key things to help us ease coordination. I added my notes to Katalin’s wiki as well, and couldn’t help but add some stuff for the team coordinators as well, especially to manage expectations. Have a look and confirm you know how to get started?

Thanks again and see you next Thursday.