EdgeRyders wish to hire a community manager!


Help us to build a network of active contributors who share personal experiences on our online platform! We are looking for a local connector to set up a community event in November 2019.

Europe is not well. In several countries, as many as 2 out of 5 young people are unemployed. Despite improved standards of living, poverty continues to be our reality - for youth and elderly, those living in cities and those on the countryside.

The economic and political reality of the generations before us has significantly changed and continues to change.

We feel anxious and unstable, resulting in a rise of alternative spiritual movements to help people cope.

We struggle with access to good, affordable care. We can’t afford housing, and we can’t afford to start a family.

We need to talk about it.

Wellbeing in Europe is a community effort where people from different countries meet and share ways to being well in this day and age.

We need your help to set up a community event in November 2019 in the Serbia, which is part of a series of events happening at the same time in Poland, Czechia and Germany.

You’ll organize, facilitate and attract participants from different socio-economic groups, educational levels, professions, ages to discuss matters important to their wellbeing and the state of their city, country, neighborhood, family.

In order to be successful, the event uses a methodology for online/ offline community building developed by Edgeryders: in short, connectors need to ensure that all the participants share stories on the project’s community forum and interact with each other through the comments before and after the event. This creates an authentic and constructive debate to lead to a wide community research analysis, and will help us build a long standing network across different European countries.

Your tasks will be:


  • Engage 50 people from different backgrounds in your village, town, city, country to join the community on http://edgeryders.eu, to share and post their stories on the community forum. The key topics for stories are: Healthcare and Social care services, Work and Prosperity, Spirituality and Morality.
  • Host a series of Virtual Cafes - online gatherings where people from other parts of your country and from other countries can meet and discuss together what they have learned from the stories that have been posted on the online community forum. The Cafes are announced on Facebook/ Edgeryders and other relevant channels, and the notes are posted to the forum.
  • Together with the people who you have brought into the online community and Virtual Cafes, produce the program for the local event.


  • Ensure that the event is documented in writing and with video following the method and format you will learn by working with our international team.
  • Collect all the documentation material in one place and structure it well so that it is easy for those who could not come in person to participate in the discussion.


  • Engage the participants to share their experiences of the event on the online platform
  • Write one article to summarise what happened, what was learned and your thoughts on the next steps, based on your experience.

How to apply

  1. Create an account on edgeryders.eu
  2. Introduce yourself to the community by sharing a personal experience: Add a New Topic here.
  3. Leave a comment to 3 community stories which are interesting and relevant to you.

If this it too difficult, write us at community@edgeryders.eu for more information.
This is an ongoing call with no deadline. When we will find the right candidate to hire, we will announce it here in a comment and close this call.

Estimated work time and remuneration

The contract is from September 2019 - June 2020, with 5000 EUR remuneration based on your deliverables. We estimate up to 3 days of work needed every week, depending on your own rhythm.

Who are we?

Edgeryders is a non-profit organisation living in symbiosis with an online community of thousands of activists, researchers, innovators, radical thinkers and doers, and just normal people that want to make a difference. We believe that a smart community outperforms any of its members; this is the result of people working together, improving on each other’s work.

Wellbeing in Europe is part of a Horizon 2020 funded Research and Innovation Action under the official name POPREBEL. The project focuses on explaining and contextualising the recent rise of populism in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The research considers content collected through http://edgeryders.eu, subject to online ethnographic analysis and semantic social network analysis.

The project is funded by the European Commission under grant agreement number 822682 from 2019-2021. Other partners are University College London (UK), University Karlova, University Jagiellonski (Poland), University of Belgrade (Serbia).

How we will select connectors

We are looking for someone who speaks both Serbian/ Croatian and basic English.

We will consider individuals who demonstrate an interest in Wellbeing in Europe; who are empathetic, curious and able to engage people from different walks of life in an authentic, constructive and respectful discussion about important topics.

Most important, the connector is willing to collaborate with an international team and use online tools such as video chats for communication, engagement, documentation of work.

What happens if I am selected?

You will be working closely with the Edgeryders team to build the Wellbeing in Europe community conversation and the event series in your country.

What happens if I am not selected?

You could get a 200 Eur reward for the story that you have contributed as part of the application process. More information about this here: http://bit.ly/2LbQvyD 6

For more information

Join an Online Gathering in English, each Wednesday at 18:00 Brussels time.