Egyptian Reef (part 1 - reality): Mapping of existing spaces we can co-house with!

Hello all this is small survey to examine if we can think of House in Egypt,but I was thinking **first of do mapping for existing available spaces ** to cooperate\learn with- from. Then ,I m thinking of discuss with you (part 2- Imagination ) which we will discuss more options to do something separately as Eadgrayders House .
So lets start with the existing (options \ experiences) :
**1. AUC ( American University in Cairo ) greek campus – virtual lab : **
(Expensive – not livable – inside Cairo )
AUC GrEEK CAMPUS is Cairo’s first technology and innovation park in the heart of Cairo, offering state-of-the-art office spaces for both startups as well as established multinational technology and media companies. With the rapidly growing ICT sector in Egypt, a technology park that allows aspiring tech start-ups to thrive and grow in a proper entrepreneurial ecosystem was essential.

AUC The Virtual Lab :(free– not livable – inside Cairo )
AUC Venture Lab is Egypt’s first university-based incubator and accelerator at The American University in Cairo. The lab enables startups to capitalize on AUC’s intellectual capital, world-class facilities and research capacities. It connects innovative startups with AUC’s network that includes alumni, faculty, mentors and investors. Through this, it fosters a thriving ecosystem of innovation, education and responsible business.
AUC Venture Lab targets startups that are high-growth and innovation-driven. These are selected through a rigorous process based on the novelty of the idea, scalability and commercial potential as well as the team’s track record, cohesion, tenacity and commitment to success. Selected startups play an active role in the AUC community, sharing their entrepreneurial experience with students and staff. They also contribute to Egypt’s growth and competitiveness.

2. SEKEM Development Foundation =) … Farm\Utopia .(Expensive– livable – outside Cairo )
SEKEM is a producer, processor and marketer of organic products. It has also established schools, kindergartens, training centres and other social and cultural institutions.
The SEKEM Group, founded in 1977, is a producer, processor and marketer of organic and biodynamic groceries, dried foods, textiles and natural pharmaceuticals in Egypt, the Arab region and the international market. SEKEM consists of multiple individual firms organized as a holding company, together with the group’s NGO-branch, including the Society for Cultural Development in Egypt and the Egyptian BioDynamic Association.
Complying with SEKEM’s business model that economic profit should directly feed social engagement, the NGOs develops and manages scientific, cultural and social activities with the aim of human development.
The SEKEM Development Foundation operates a school, a vocational training centre and a medical clinic among others. SEKEM introduced biodynamic farming to the Arab region and continues to promote it through the Egyptian Biodynamic Society (EBDA) and the Centre for Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE).


3. Darb 17/18 : ِArt workshop can be rented :
(cheap– livable – inside Cairo )
Darb 1718 Contemporary Art and Culture Centre is an Egyptian non-profit organization founded in 2008. Darb 1718 includes a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that host different art mediums and cultural events in the heart of Old Cairo.
Darb 1718 is a total of two art exhibition spaces, a dance and concert stage, gardens, rooftops and outdoor cinema for independent film screenings. Darb 1718 provides workshops, programs and initiatives to accompany and mentor emerging artists and offers them a space to exhibit their work alongside established artists. Darb 1718 does this while engaging with various social and cultural groups in the Fustat community in the middle of the Pottery Village.

4.Habiba Organic Farm ( camp + farm + school ) in Newibaa
(cheap– livable – outside Cairo )
The Habiba Organization, which includes our beach lodge, communal organic farm and our learning center is dedicated to building a strong, healthy future for the entire South Sinai Community.
​​Come enjoy the peaceful bliss of our beautiful beach lodge on the shores of Nuweiba. Enjoy fine dining prepared by our talented kitchen staff, and learn about our remarkable projects to green the desert of Sinai - one plot of land at a time. ​​
​Read about our revolutionary Palm Date Foundation and our efforts to create sustainable, environmentally friendly income for the local community. Also learn about our efforts to engage partners, universities, and organizations from around the world to build a model sustainable community in the desert.


5.The CoworkInn Dahab - a coworking space with nomadic tradition | (EXPENSIVE - LIVABLE - ON THE SEA )

A well equipped office space, working in a relaxed setting and a lot of nomad flair - the CoworkInn Dahab, the first coworking space at the Red Sea, has it all.
Dahab has always been a place for nomads; beduins, hippies and now digital nomads. It comes as no surprise to the founder of the CoworkInn, Mira Arnold. She has found her personal oasis and now gives back by offering others the possibility to work in paradise. „This place is just magical. After two days you are more relaxed than ever. It allows you to slow down, focus on yourself and find inner peace. This helps to spark creativity and gives you new energy to get your work done.“
The CoworkInn Dahab offers its guests a beauti
ful sitting area right at the sea as well as some more private desks and meeting rooms. There is plenty of space to get in touch with other coworkers and discuss your newest project. The official opening on February 15th saw the firsts guests who escaped the cold European winter in exchange for some sun and fun in Dahab. And that coworking doesn’t only mean work but a lot of fun instead is quickly discovered at the CoworkInn Dahab. During dinner with beduins under the starry sky of the desert coworkers quickly become friends. Watersport lovers favor Dahab already for a long time and so will you if you are into kite surfing or scuba diving. A light but constant breeze lets you fly over the waves while the underwater world beneath will amaze you during your dives.


@m_tantawy waiting for the imagination suggestions… I think I can start or add some imagination there :smiley: I have already imagined a space in my city but I don’t have enough information about the practical things (the owner, the price … etc)
for the suggestions you have made I would say they all are communities who started from scratch and really made a difference in their surroundings… I really like Sekem, Habiba and Darb 1718… I imagine that the reef can build its own thing like these places maybe staying closely connected with them but not so attached to them … aslo we have to think about what can we add to the place we inhabit so I don’t see much can be added to the center of the centralized Cairo (where the Greek campus is) and I don’t know if the young exodus to Dahab is benefiting the real bedouins of Daha at all.
but after all those all are Realistic suggestion if your time is limited or if you don’t want to get tangled in bureaucratic complications.

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@Heba : thank you very much for your support, actually i was waiting for more engagement to start a brainstorming about futuristic imagination for Egyptian Reef, and im totally agree about the what you said about having impact on the surrounded community Sekem, habiba , darb has many activities for the local residence and this is very important aspect ,

by the way i mentioned AUC greek campus and virtual lab just to learn form them how to organize work with startups but i dont find them available space for living specially because they are of cairo ( im not a big fan of it also ) =D
finally Im waiting your topic about imagination if you want to suggest something and i can work with you on it…
thank you again =)

I also find promising Habiba and Darb 1718, well spotted. Working with an existing group seems smart, because they already have a space and a network of skilled people around. Do you have a personal relationship or ongoing collaboration with the people who run them? Or how do you see a financial agreement which is affordable?

@m_tantawy this is fantastic work. My hat is off to you, sir.

I live in The Reef Brussels, and would love to be part of the brainstorming:

I like the futuristic part! But I do not speak Arabic, so feel free to go ahead anyway if some of you have trouble with English or French.

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Alberto, Nice to read this im so happy from your contribution actually as you saw we already started imagination part through the initiative of @Heba … i hope more people and participants will come and share their opinions afterwords.
Now i will check your documentation of How The Reef might work in Brussels to learn more about the house experience .