Potential Track for Cairo?

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During the last Edgeryders’ meeting in Cairo last Saturday, the idea of founding an Egyptian REEF came up, and possible locations were further studied in this Thread.

Today, I came across a Facebook event which I thought might hold some potential for projects that could be implemented in our beautifully congested Cairo. It revolves around sustainability and going eco-friendly, you can check it out here.

Such workshop might help the EGyptian REEF achieve some degree of self-sustainability by growing its own crops for food, plants for purification, and might even help in bringing in small profits to ensure the REEF’s continuity. Such model could then be applied to the whole building, street, district turning the REEF into a prototype which can be repeated in other places creating mini hubs. I think this could help put Edgeryders on the Egyptian Urban Innitiatives Map.

I will keep posting findings like this one once I stumble across them, and until then, please let me know if you have any more ideas.

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اأهلا يا زميل !! صباح الفل .
yeaaa totally agree Mohab with this actually this what made me more exited with the experiment of the reef, because all of this ideas could be applied within the context , there was Egyptian trail of some one who built his house from up-cycled material check it our also .
until now im waiting for more engagement with the topic to start brainstorming for the reef possibilities>>
thank you for sharing …
see you soon

Hey, this is Noemi, now traveling but based in Brussels… also friend of Hazem’s.
For “green” houses there is a bunch of people in Romania who have a lot of experience, if you’ll ever decide to go for something like that…
It’s not just mud stoves, but mud houses @mohabessam :slight_smile:


Having seen many stories from egypt in the past years joining edgeryders, indeed there seems to be an inclination to sustainability - maybe get in touch with the Biogas People, or the people at Jozour.

A longer list of people and what they are doing is this list of a dozen young Egyptians / or living there we met a couple years ago - you will see many interested in energy and environmental issues.
Hope you enjoyed the workshop @mohabessam!


@monarezk >>
hi mona, @mohabessam is mentioning here an event with Ain al Be’ah عين البيئة the organization you are working \ volunteering with, can you please tell us more about your event if you are part of this …
@mohabessam :
heba already take the initiative and started the brainstorming for the possibilities of Reef places in Egypt . chech this https://edgeryders.eu/t/egyptian-reef-part-2-imagination-ideas-of-potential-places/7030
waiting your contribution …

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Hi @m_tantawy ,
I’m a member at Ain Elbee’ah , But I’m not working /volunteering with them any more . So I’m sorry I don’t Know about their Event.
For the Egyptian Reef , I loved the place in Hurghada , Thanks for sharing this with me :slight_smile:

thanks @mohabessam for sharing this, was just going to mentione @monarezk :smiley:
actually for planting crops we can use hydroponics as it saves some space as mentioned by @Konnbat here
the event looks interesting and is going on till the end of the month, I am going to go to know more about what’s happening and what can we learn from them or collaborate on. if anyone want to join, let’s go together