Event organisers updates (follow up on call 24 October)

We are checking in with each country and looking into the specifics of the following points.
Each country team needs to update us on each point, in order to make sure we will not be surprised about no-shows, or participants who attend but are not onboarded.

  • REGISTRATION What is your invitation and process for registrations? your invitation text? where do you promote it? and how you ensure participants engage with the online community?
    @TamaraVuk has already set up a Registration form that can be put in the platform and facebook event pages.

  • PARTICIPANT LIST How/ Where do you keep a list of participants + stories?
    This list will also help you monitor your progress and make sure that your deliverables are in place when you will invoice. @kuba_svehla is already doing this. Here is his model of a spreadsheet.

  • COMMUNICATION Which communications do you need Edgeryders to promote on broader social media? Resource: you can add your titles and links here.
    and they will be picked up on social media.

  • BUDGETS How do you keep track of your budgets? Check out the spreadsheet here or add your own!

  • DOCUMENTATION - instructions here: who is going to do it?

In BECEJ 22 Nov

Workshop on creativity and entrepreneurship, and how to set up a Becej Creative Hub. Edgeryders contribution: why do stories matter?
Speaker: Nenad Čanak
Partners: Than Memorial House (creative science center) and 3 schools in Becej have been approached.

Key people:

Viktor: has a makerspace and craftspace in Becej, a town of around 25 000. In the end he will not participate.

Dr. Nick: a speaker in the process of being interviewed by Inge.

  • Onboarding process: People in a facebook group are invited: they get a link to the platform post about the event. The people in schools where Jasen is conducting polls are also invited and asked to post.
    The idea is that people will post once they will come to the workshop.

  • Participants list + online stories: their contacts are given in the school poll - we need to follow up with them and send them instructions.
    Jasen: Do you want to get a lot of people? Or do you want to limit participation by making it a higher threshold? The answer is: you want to get a critical number of people who understand the value of being in a community or are at least curious to try.

  • Comms ??

  • Budget ??

  • Documentation ??

Belgrade 23 Nov:

  • Onboarding process:
    via Registration form: https://wellbeing.edgeryders.eu/srb
    I have been promoting it among people I know, bc Edgeryders community does not exist here so people need more explanation. All of those are done by mail. Once facebook event is created it will be great way of promotion.

  • Participants list + online stories: 1.Dusan Saponja And Dusan Cavic- story will be in an interview form, working on it today
    Uros Banjesevic
    Ivan Djuric
    Tihana Vukcevic
    Milan Novakovic
    I asked them to write stories, still waiting.
    I will make this list as Kuba does, it looks great

  • Comms: I think it would be great if we pay an ad on facebook to promote. Again, we are still building the community here

  • Budget: Venue is still a question and I have no idea how much will it cost. Today I am going to similar event so I will check the place and get in touch. I think catering will cost cca 300e

  • Documentation: I don’t know anything about this. But I sure will find someone to do it.

In Prague 23 Nov

in Cross Club, with participants gathering repeatedly around a community center / "farm market".

  • Onboarding process: „Entrance fee“ is submitted story to Edgeryders virtual platform.
  • Participants list + online stories: Kuba is keeping track of this.
  • Comms ??
  • Budget ??
  • Documentation ??

In Brno 8-10 Nov

A Hackathon on affordable housing + Panel discussion.
Hackathon about affordable housing - intensive and focused team activity where people with different capabilities and knowledge cooperate to solve real-world problems or create functional projects related to affordable housing in the Czech Republic.

Speakers invited for Friday panel discussion:
Martin Freund - psycologist and activist, author of Housing First and Rapid Rehousing;
Karolina Plášková - architect and urbanist, interested in relations of architecture to social sciences and ethics.
Petr Kubala - socio-economy of housing and social inequality in housing, housing of young adults in Czechia
Barbora Matysová - sociologist with focus on Roma culture and on the effect of poor housing on peoples lifes

Up to 40 participants are expected to participate. Vegan food.

  • Onboarding process: invites people to the facebook event (the hackathon) and writes there an encouragement to people to post.
    Those who didn’t post will be approached personally at the event by Jan.
    Results and regular summaries will be posted to the Edgeryders platform.
  • Participants list + online stories ??
  • Comms ??
  • Budget - 230E food, 100E photographer, 50E fb advertising, 70E props.
  • Documentation: Results and regular summaries will be posted to the Edgeryders platform.

Active community members like Krystof, Wolka, Lukas Fidrmuc

In Warsaw 30 Nov

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Can you add / fill out your missing sections in the wiki above please, so we have the overview?
Be short, but precise please :slight_smile:
If you can’t edit the wiki, just add them in a comment below!

@TamaraVuk @zalesjan @kuba_svehla @jasen_lakic @natalia_skoczylas.

Updates from conversation with @TamaraVuk

  • found a venue for Belgrade, at a cultural center in the city centre.

For her it’s important that the speakers are really good.

  1. journalists who work together
  2. human rights activist - got an award
  3. owner of a gaming company.
    Also talking to an international organisation - Catalysts (http://catalystbalkans.org)

The main thing now is to promote the events:

Tamara’s tasks:

  • make sure there are 2 event pages up: 1) facebook event page 2) platform (New Topic) with creative invitation
  • reach out to all Serbian community members and ask them to register + share the events with people they know; ask Jasen to share the events with his network
  • make a list of 10 relevant facebook groups - people in creative industries, civic activities, neighborhood activists and so on.

Noemi’s tasks:

  • create 1-2 sentence invitations for the fb promotions and posting in groups (to be translated)
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Hi all, we are less than 1 month ahead of the events! Where are you with your event organising and all of the fields above - onboarding + budget + documentation?

Can we have a short update in writing for you? Please do this before Wednesday’s next call at 18:00 (call happens here: https://zoom.us/s/406268838)


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