Events Manual

1. Festival

This is the largest type of the Edgeryders events. Basically all of the LOTE conferences that we held over the years are of that format; we called them (un-)conference initially and since LOTE6, the “Open Village Festival” we call them festivals.

This type of event will last two or three days and include:

  • some plenary sessions
  • multiple (2-4) event rooms with parallel sessions that people can attend based on interest
  • a party on the last day’s evening

We organize the parallel sessions by inviting members of the Edgeryders community (esp. of the project to which the event is dedicated) to make session proposals.

The ticket will not cost money, but it is expected that everyone contributes in some way in making the event happen. How strict this expectation is and if the contributions are verified or not depends on the festival. Usually we have been quite lax with this, and it did not hurt as all the events got organized somehow :slight_smile:

All the articfacts from the past Edgeryders festival events are still online here on Some website features and formatting probably got lost during the migration to Discourse or because external minisites have been taken down later, but the main content is still all here:

2. Workshop


3. Lab


4. Residency


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