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An Ethnography of OpenCare: Software Demo and Research Results (3)

[Editor note: The following notes were made during a session at OpenVillage Festival (19th October 2017) where researchers and community discussed the results of the two year opencare research. Quotes are not verbatim bu… decommissioned (10)
Woodbine and ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes (1)
Organizing the Open Science behind Open Insulin (1)
What would you like to build, explore or learn on DIY welfare when systems fail? Tell us what to include in the OpenVillage festival! (1)
How do we create the conditions for OpenCare in our organisations and our communities? (1)
Meet the Edgeryders: Alberto Rey (documentary, art, clean water, education …) (15)
Results of the DIY lab analysis of water contamination in Brussels (18)
The Reef (1)
OpenVillage Festival 2018 ( 2 3 ) (45)
The neocolonial face of open access (5)
OpenVillage Festival Curators (1)
Session Proposal: Nonnegotiable: Reproductive Sovereignty as One Key to Resilient Communities (6)
Our Festival Report is finally out! (1)
Witnessing the Open Village Festival in Brussels (1)
Are you our next Community Fellow? Apply now! (call closed) (1)
My Reflections post-OpenVillage Festival (4)
Fundamentals of OpenVillage (7)
Putting the pieces together, post OpenVillage Festival (8)
OpenVillage Festival Session Documentation (5)
OpenVillage: sharing capacity (4)
Reflections on the festival (10)
After the Fellowship: thoughts on mentorship (1)
Harvesting Session on OpenVillage Festival Day 1 (6)
After LOTE6 (6)
Learning from Emergency mutual aid follow up (3)
OpenCare and digital ethnography: documentation and picking up the thread (2)
The Edge of Funding - Sustainability and Financial Models (1)
Policy redesigned (1)
Infrastructures of autonomy and dynamic equilibrium of collaboration (1)