Festival program and OpenVillage locations (Community Call Notes 2017-08-16)

In attendance: @nadia, @woodbinehealth, @johncoate, @winnieponcelet, @bachar_khattar, @unknown_author, @owen

1. Finalising the new program for OpenVillage

Great lineup of sessions, check out the program, priority is to push it out on a regular basis now. Look into making it into a printable format

2. MENA project

Latest update - What's happening in the Openvillage MENA

Discussion of locations and habitat - shipping containers, hexayurts, developing on open land as opposed to renovating an existing building.

3. Location Scouting

Setting up in a rural environment: What are the pros and cons of Urban v.s. Rural environment.

@woodbinehealth: Major question: why would you want to go urban - why rural? The timeline is different, slower in the rural areas - building communities in such environments is very different. The question is what are we trying to get from each space.

@johncoate: What is the first cause, the point to demonstrate by setting it up in rural area? Is it to show that we can achieve self sufficiency? Or is it something else?

Another aspect: Once cultures are set within communities they are very difficult to change. How can change be brought about in a harmonious way? If it’s rural, very important to link up with the local community from the start.

@Nadia: Dimensions of time: people are all over the place, with commitments to different places, how do we have connected spaces with people living authentic lives rooted in community - how do these two work? For example Frank with Woodbine Collective in New York, or Winnie with the teaching space in Belgium, Nadia with roots in Sweden and East Africa… How do we get this together, what kind of infrastructure do we need?

@bachar_khattar: There needs to be an incentive, offering special kind of education for people at the same time is important motivation for bringing people together and investing time.

@Nadia: Two kinds of spaces we are talking about: one is in rural, one is in urban environment.

  • First question: Two options: plug into something that is already there and connect to other things in the local community - or build something completely new

  • Second question: what can we offer? What is the thing we can offer to the surrounding culture, the environment, in terms of infrastructure - culture, learning and so on…

  • Third question: how can we make it happen, from where we are - geographically.

  • @bachar_khattar: Talking about Lebanon as an example: there is a midway between being in the city and being in the mountains. If we can have an open space where anyone can work on any kind of project it welcomes people from both backgrounds.

  • @Nadia: how do we connect the hyperlocal / and small with the transnational and distant. How can this work for people who are between worlds, who travel, who have different loyalties and care for others in different places?


I missed a couple of things here, the conversation was great… Feel free to fill in any of the gaps - thanks for attending @woodbinehealth, @johncoate, @bachar_khattar, @winnieponcelet, @unknown_author

I was not in attendance, but I recall the rural vs. urban conversation. As I recall it, we concluded that “full rural” is too risky. We will need some revenue for the foreseeable future, no matter how much we reduce costs. And most of us (and certainly Edgeryders as a company) depend on being plugged into business-oriented social networks to raise revenue.

Also, in terms of the MENA YP project, being in a city means having access to markets for many B2C projects (example).

@matthias had suggested a “dual” system: cheap accommodation out in some coastal village, but then rent a “shopfront” in a busy area of Essa, or Agadir.

Can we move the notes from these calls to the Campfire? they are easy to miss in the Social Media workspace :slight_smile: