Freedom Writ Large: A conference on assaults on liberties in Europe and what we can do about it

Makes sense. I found one community member who knows quite a bit about defence who might be up for this. Also - ping @iouxo see above re: our recent conversation. Also recommended:
Konstantin Von Notz, Tom Middendorp, Richard Nugee. Also these guys have a broad network of scholars, political operatives and civil society activists:

Claire Provost, founder of openDemocracy’s Tracking the Backlash project, which investigates anti-democratic movements and tactics threatening women’s and LGBTIQ rights around the world, has agreed to talk at panel “Attacks on freedom in Europe”. Some of the investigations which she headed:

It looks like she could bring significant contributions to the Conference, panel 5 in particular.
What do you think, @Jan and @Richard in particular?

Inge, can you ask her if she would be interested to participate and on which terms?

Btw, the site is under construction but this is how it is going to look like.


She’s interested!


Great, let’s see how to organise this - we will confirm the final format once I have the feedback from everyone and when Nadia comes back from her vacation.

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I confirmed Richard and Zdenek today.

@inge could you organise a call with Claire? (10-12 AM CET is good the entire week, otherwise let me know)
Did you have the time to talk to your UK option?

Yes let me email her and see what her schedule is like.

Re London I didn’t reach out (yet) as we decided that the UK angle might for now be very different from the Europe one. I am looking into feminist activist speaker options this week.

Hi everybody! @ivan et al: do you need me for anything at this point? I am working through several deliverables to get ready for uploads and am beginning to plan our final volume. You may also to know that I have now confirmed that at the end of November, we will have another impact event, in Warsaw, co-organized with two organizations, one of which is the most influential civil society hub in Poland, The Batory Foundation About us - Fundacja im. Stefana Batorego). I will have the preliminary set of ideas ready in a week or two. Ciao, Jan

Ciao Jan! Great to hear from you.

There is no need for you to get engaged in this phase of organisation. We are waiting only for Belgrade to confirm their participation, all the other partners have answered and we will have brief meetings with them to arrange the details.
the website of the event is now on on the addres Still a work in progress, but already shareable.

Once all of that is done and the guest participants are set, we should probably have a call for the last details.
Of course, we are counting on your closing note (30 September 18 CET) - the working title is The Great Pushback with Jan Kubik.
I am cc-ing you in the email exchange to keep you informed on the dynamics.

This sounds great. Do you think they could be one of the guest participants of the conference (and where would you see them best, if yes)?

Also, when the website (or the official communication) of the event is on, let us know and we can promote it through the Impact conference website.

I love these ideas. And the website is impressive! One quick question: can I tinker with the text announcing my closing remarks, which - of course - I will do?

Of course. The safest way is to write it in the post here or send it by email and @owen or I will change it on the website.
You could also edit the source directly but please watch out not to change its other elements.

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for @nadia - coordination spreadsheet