Fix the display of conference session proposals by track in the program and the Making LOTE3 workspace

We have been using a node field to assign posts to specific LOTE3 tracks. The purpose of this is to make it possible to use views to list session proposals by track. There are two places where this is supposed to happen:

In the last week, the lists seem to have disappeared from the program page and to have “frozen” in the workspace home page (theitem showing as the most recent was several weeks old). I now fixed the freezing (by replacing a filter making reference to a content type “Track proposal” that does not seem to be there anymore with another one making reference to the LOTE3 Activity Reference field. But that list is now quite long, and perhaps it should not be in that page at all… what do you think?


we have been hacking the website with Matthias and I think he forgot to put his part he was hacking (including images in the display) - I was supposed to ping him about it so here is a ping to [Matthias] :slight_smile:

We should think “how to” and  “where to” display the track proposals, to don’t make it too confusing … now they seem to be mixed with other type of content …

Unavoidable :frowning:

The mix between different types of content is unavoidable, because you can assign to a LOTE3 track any type of content by ticking the appropriate box. For example, when I wrote the unHagiography post I ended it with a suggestion to make it into a session, which would naturally be under the ununMonastery track; so I ticked the box. Later, Bembo wrote this post in which he makes more or less the same proposal, and he also ticked the box. Neither his nor mine are structured proposals (I later edited my post to untick the box). Maybe we need a page on “how to present a session proposal”.

But even if we have that, the field called lote3 reference is not designed to indicate session proposals, but rather relevance to a particular track. So you can most easily use it as a kind of feed (“What’s new in track 3”), with everything relating to that track going into it. Maybe we should reword the help text in “Is this post a session proposal? If it is, tick the box of the track it fits in”

+1 for Former look of the program

I liked that one - it listed all proposals in each track. and i remember i had to de-assign or assign others when needed, but that’s an easy thing to do manually.  Plus, that would be a good entry page for when we need participants to sign up for a session and get an overview of how many people are in each session… (we will need to add a “sign up by commenting “YES” on the proposal” button or something…)

As for the Making Lote3, I agree with Alberto that instead of TRACKS we have something like “What’s new in building the tracks”, listing only the latest, say 5, proposals.

it will be back :slight_smile:

the list will be back, just with the images included, Matthias was working on it, and it is planned to be back on the page, just for some tech reasons it was hidden for a while, but probably will be back soon.