Join a team!

Very good, thank you for the initiative - it would be perfect if we could meet before or after the call this Wednesday, CET time (just check the time in Brussels, it’s at 6 PM local time, because I know there is a bit of confusion with these time zone names) and we could discuss what we can do. So, me, @nabeel_p @alex_levene @minted242 @noemi @anique.vered have a date (if it cannot be this Wednesday, let me know, but it’s easiest I believe), and let’s see, maybe someone else will join the food team by then.

@michael_dunn - let me know what will you need to make this truffle wonder happen :slight_smile:

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That should work for me, although I’m not directly involved with the food! Thanks for setting up the call Natalia.

@natalia_skoczylas I could help you the 19th with the cooking

Hi all. This sounds great @natalia_skoczylas. I agree that we could have this meeting immediately after the call on Wednesday at 6pm. I unfortunately cannot meet before that, as we’re busy painting a school (exciting in its own way). I would be keen to meet any other time as well if people prefer.

As per your suggestion, perhaps we make a decision on this on Monday when we know who else will be involved?

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Hi Natalia @natalia_skoczylas! I’m most willing to help @gehan with the harvesting, but if that’s got plenty then please regard me as free to help on a different task. I’m no good on design; not sure I would manage floors well; may or may not have the required technical abilities; happy to help cooking. Not all!

Hi Natalia,
Thank you for letting me know about day 3. Unfortunately I cannot
volunteer on the other days, as I work on Thursday and Friday (in Paris)
and cannot get there in time to help on day 2. I did also volunteer to do
photography all day on day 3 for the media team.

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@zmorda yeah I guess we need more hands

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@natalia_skoczylas please add @bmfoto in the photo team? she didnt manage to post here…

@mboto @minted242 @anique.vered hi! if you are joining the festival I’d like to encourage you to stay with our process which everyone joining the community has been following for months now: please make sure to introduce your project or tell your personal story of care in a post in the festival group? See ticket instructions here.. Then we can include you in all festival comms.

@noemi thanks for the reminder and of course I’d like to align with what the festival community has been doing to date :tulip: I’m actually deep in my application for the research coordinator role and am prioritising that, but once I’ve submitted it will introduce myself/ a personal story of care…

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Hi @noemi, hi everyone.

Could you please add me in the harvest & food team ?

Can help easily w/ both :slight_smile:

I’ll be here from wednesday to sunday.

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Hi! Can I join the Urban Game team?

Can also help with Cooking on Day 2 if that doesn’t conflict.

Hello @gehan I would like to join the harvesting team; specifically, I can write some blog about the event.


I can do 6pm on Wednesday.
From experience last time i would suggest that we cook 1 large dish of something, and make another 1 or 2 cold dishes (salad or similar)
All the food should be vegan (it’s easier than making many dishes for everyone)
Most of the work will be food prep (chopping, peeling etc) and it’s a fun social activity for all.

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Hi @natalia_skoczylas, I would be happy to join the party team on Day 3 (as I’m located in Brussels but working on days 1 and 2, I will gladly attend any preparatory meetings required on days 1 and 2 after 18:30). Waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

@noemi @nabeel_p @natalia_skoczylas @mboto @alex_levene @minted242 @SyMorin @michael_dunn and anyone else who wanted to talk cooking programming… shall we say 7pm Wednesday then directly after the community call? (I have another meeting 8pm FYI) :mushroom:

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Hi @natalia_skoczylas @noemi do you need people to help with documentation still? I’m happy to take photos / do interviews.

That sounds great from my side. @noemi @natalia_skoczylas @mboto @alex_levene @minted242 @SyMorin @michael_dunn . This is great. Perhaps we could come ready with some suggests for meals. As per @alex_levene suggestion, perhaps we could discuss which vegan meals for which day? And produce a list of ingredients. Sounds great.

Hi @Yosser @baderdean

Hello, I will be in the Harvesting: Social Media central team

@Yosser, we’re good with harvesting, we might need some help with social media and if you’d like, maybe floor management would be your thing? It’s not going to be hard - and one day is enough to volunteer. You will also be able to attend sessions on your floor of course. Let me know :wink: