Follow up from 28/11: Art, Storytelling & Immersive Experiences Thread

Developing the world of Witness, bringing it alive and making it more accessible to people through storytelling, co-creation and immersive experiences.

To facilitate the entrance of the newcomers we create multiple pathways in:

  • Guide for educators
  • Guide for facilitators
  • Guide for writers / game designers
  • Creative Writing workshops
  • Co-creative retreats

Upcoming Opportunities:

  • Starting from Giacomo’s idea to organise the Witness installation in Messina’s contemporary art museum as a virtual scenario:
    • Upon entering a room equipped with motion sensors and sophisticated projectors, the visitor, touching the walls, enters the immersive interactive experiences (i.e. deep sea for Messina)
  • Explore joint activities with Plurality University

Next steps?

  • Globus Opstart funding for the writers’ retreat is still available at Blivande - @hugi will contact the funders to find an extention

  • A call for projects on immersive storytelling Academy - StoryFutures
    The Writers Salon, for fiction daily words quotas.

Taking the lead: @nadia @hugi @jolwalton @ivan @giacomo.pinaffo

Well, not before we know what we want to do. Before I contact them, we need a plan.

We have around 5k available, which basically needs to go to travel and accommodation.
One option would be to rent a big place somewhere for a couple of weeks where it is affordable and allow people to come and go, with a core group sticking around to get some serious writing done.

People fund their own travel, food costs are shared, accommodation is provided.

A place like the Astral Ship would be ideal, preferably on the continent, and preferably bigger than that.

maybe @marina can suggest something in Croatia?

I don’t think we have such cool places in Croatia unfortunately…maybe Turkey, I could explore if needed.

Here’s a couple of retreat-like places: