Plurality University - Futures Narratives & collective pratices, a call for collaboration

Plurality University invited us to join the “[collective practices]((Collective practices using transformative narratives | Plurality University Network)” project they are launching within Narratopias.
The goal: bring together persons and groups who develop collective practices using arts, fiction and speculation to affect real-life changes.

In 2021, Narratopias was launched to answer the recurring call for “new narratives”. With the help of U+’s community, more than 260 “transformative narratives” were collected in a collaborative Library (Witness is listed in the library).

The lesson learnt in the first year is that how and by whom these narratives are produced matters as much as their content.
Many groups develop collective practices that work creatively with “narratives” (in the broadest sense) as a base for transforming reality. The idea is to bring them together and learn from one another, collectively address shared challenges, create more visibility to this work.

In 2022 (and early 2023), Plurality University intends to:

  • Organize monthly encounters wherein we will share our experiences and methods;
  • Create a simple “repository” of reusable methods and tools;
  • Organize workshops to dig deeper into common challenges shared by many of us;
  • Prepare a publication and an event, which should take place in Paris in March 2023, so as to give visibility to this field of practice.

The first informal calls are scheduled for the beginning of February.


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