Funding call: How can AI enhanced collective intelligence enable new forms of community responses to the climate crisis?

The Centre for Collective Intelligence Design at Nesta has just launched a new call to fund research that explore how AI enhanced collective intelligence can enable new forms of community responses to the climate crisis, which I thought you might be interested in submitting a proposal for (it’s not live yet, initially will be shared with some networks).

They want to support research exploring how novel forms of combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence can better empower communities to identify and develop solutions related to climate change, environment and sustainability challenges in the UK.

*They are specifically interested in supporting the development of 3-5 new speculative ‘concepts’ (with service blueprints or low-fi prototypes) that illustrate how these new tools and methods could empower communities and civil society and enable new forms of community action on the climate crisis. They are looking to award one research grant worth up to £35,000 and welcome creative approaches to undertaking the research and encourage partnerships.

here’s a link to the call.

If you have any questions about the research please get in touch with Peter Baeck

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Thanks for this Eirini , ping @MariaEuler

@mrchrisadams want to have a quick chat about this? I have an idea…

can i play with you?? @nadia :innocent:

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Sure! I’d be happy to chat.

II have some time next week on Monday and Tuesday


@kajafarszky ciao :slight_smile: Could you help organise a call with @eirinimal @mrchrisadams @MariaEuler and myself sometime in the next 2 weeks?

yes ofcourse!

very exciting, thx much for this !

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Great! I am available for a call on monday or tuesday until 17:00. Looking forward to discussing this :).

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can do anytime on Monday. @nadia @MariaEuler @mrchrisadams. Let’s say 3pm UK time?

Hello to all,

I jump in to help organise the call. Does Monday, March 2nd at 3pm CET works for everyone ?
@nadia @MariaEuler @eirinimal @mrchrisadams


fine with me

works for me!

@eirinimal and @mrchrisadams, does it works for you as well?

yes, thanks for the nudge. Chat then!

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Great! We have everyone on board for a meeting on Monday March 2nd at 3pm-4pm CET. I guess zoom would be the best option. I’ve scheduled the meeting there, I hope without mistakes, and I’m sending you now the link to join the call in a separate message.

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Dang, I only just spotted this thread, looks like a fascinating funding call but the deadline is Monday… I guess this is a reminder that I should browse Edgeryders more frequently!

Did you guys go ahead with anything? Let me know if there is any way that I can help. I’m mainly interested from a Service Design perspective, but also have a decade of experience in user research and a degree in AI. So if there’s any useful way I can input, I’d be very happy to help!

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