#futurespotters workshops: The aftermath



Building the June 24-26 international conference agenda!

Whether you attended the workshops in April or not, join this work space to help prepare the content of our big meetup in Tbilisi and make it a generative experience for all!

How can I contribute?

Tell us if there’s something you are interested to explore with others, lead and curate your sessionCurating means involving others in shaping the content. The Edgeryders social media team will help coordinate the outreach efforts, but you are encouraged to call in people who you think ought to be in the conversation (friends and family, people doing interesting work, anyone you think can contribute or benefit from this). The idea is create a safe space for constructive , solution-oriented interaction between people who care about the issues.

Once you have a session outline, create an event and copy paste your proposal in it!

If you want to contribute more to help us all make the most of the time we spent together, join our regular Thursday #communitycalls. And let’s keep working :slight_smile:

Meet the \#Futurespotters for inspiration!


Prepare documentation instructions from the workshops & translate into difft languages
All #futurespotters workshops documentation
Working Out Loud: #Futurespotters workshops follow up - engagement never sleeps!
Summary of Community Call May 15: Viral Academy, Co-funding software platform and Lote 4
Define the format and structure of Edgeryders events follow-up learning objects: prototype for #futurespotters
Research: STF groups
Spot the Future: About
Hey Everyone!
Research: STF groups
Prepare documentation instructions from the workshops & translate into difft languages
Play to learn: the play city model for community-based learning spaces for junior citizens
Brainfried after #Futurespotters?