All #futurespotters workshops documentation

This is an overview of what came out of futurespotters workshops in the form of rough documentation posts and video interviews.

If you were there and/or are thinking of ways to move forward and collaborate, don’t hesitate: leave a comment in the posts below or upload your own reflections in the #futurespotters workshop aftermath group. What we want to know is:

  1. What are you working on/trying to do and what is the story behind?
  2. What obstacles you are coming across?
  3. How the obstacles could be worked around/ a concrete call for action from others who like the initiative (what I the reader can do if I have 5 minutes, a couple of hours or a few days to contribute)?

Discussion Documentation / Follow up Who participated?
Better and bigger collective action /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/better-and-bigger-collective Nick, Cristina Maza
Who are Georgia's Futurespotters? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/who-are-georgias-futurespotters Inge, Khatuna
Key challenges in Georgia, what we need help with /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/day-1-key-challenges-what-we @Noemi
Building sustainability and real collaboration in grassroots/ civil society /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/building-sustainability-and taylorbraundorrell, Boris, smoke_free_tbilisi
Inspiring people, especially young women to go into tech [add post with reflections] Eric Barrett
Iare Pekhit, a pedestrians' organisation in Tbilisi (video interview) /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-0 Elene Margvelashvili
Camping to save Vake Park in Tbilisi (video interviews) /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-3 with Nick and Data
Selection of tweets from the tour in Tbilisi and Yerevan /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-storified Noemi
Data driven advocacy and storytelling with JumpStart Georgia (video interview) /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-1 with Eric
New futures for charity: (video interview) /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-interview with Boris Kidnadze
session missing? add it here!
What do you care about and what are you trying to solve? /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/day-1-futurespotters-yerevan Noemi, Vahagn, Lurglomond, Lili, Arpine, Seg, Tigran, heather Y
Inspire Armenians to do work they really love


Alessandro Mambelli
Inspire people to take on good habits of healthy lifestyle. /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-workshop-yerevan Vahagn, Marina, georgikamoyan,
Creating work in rural areas /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/creating-work-in-rural-areas Arpine, Lurglomond, Karen
Meet Armenians at the workshop /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/spot-the-future-armenia Vahagn
The unStartUp for better professional CVs (video interview) /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-5 with Alemambelli
Let's Create Smile initiative in Yerevan /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-4 with Enli
Ta-Ta: Mom's Helper initiative in Yerevan /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-video-intervie-6 with SEDAchka
reflections on the workshop- "when the world tells us we have to be small , we have to remind ourselves that we can be giants together" nadia /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/when-the-world-tells-us-we-have gazbee sorour
educational problems in Egypt - Future Newspaper article /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/education-in-egypt-main 2mavin , labanita , dina
sexual harassment , Future Newspaper article /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/future-newspaper sfreto , Mustapha Adel, gazbee sorour, Maria Tarancon, Ahmed M Rabie, Karen Medhat
waste management , unemployment , development outside cities , recycling - Future Newspaper article

matrikation , monarezk, Abdo, amiridina, hani

The Future Newspaper challenge /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/futurespotters-egypt-day-2 Nadia
1st day reflections /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/my-first-workshop-at-icecairo Fayez
burning questions , the BIG challenges /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/the-burning-questions Nadia
1st day reflections /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/a-perfect-start Mustapha Adel
1st day reflections . organizational stuff /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/my-first-workshop Abdukhalim
1st day reflections /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/our-thoughts-for-todays

kohar Garo Varjabedian , matrikation

collaboration challenge , recycling , maslow's hierarchy /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/two-main-thoughts dina
asset based community development , stewardship , unmonastery , collaboration /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/thoughts-for-the-future-from amiridina
[Discussion: Egypt] Things we don’t like in our culture and would like to change. /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-egypt-things-we-don

matrikation, ericzoetmulder, Fayez

discussion Egypt - things done by large organizations /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/things-done-by-large

gazbee sorour 2mavin labanita dina ericzoetmulder

discussion Egypt - things in ourselves we don't like and are changing /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/discussion-in-egypt-things-in

gazbee sorour sfreto Mustapha Adel Maria Tarancon Ahmed M Rabie

about small CBOs in Egypt , /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/about-the-smal-scale-cbos-in Hazem
in between sense camp and futurespotters, documentation, community building /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/in-between-sense-camp-and Hazem
caring for commons

wood from midribs , recycling agriculture waste

/t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/wood-works-from-palm-midribs-jozour Abdo
Egyptian NGO, environmental protection /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/ain-elbeeah-egyptian-ngo monarezk
waste management at cairo uni /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/waste-management-at-cairo kohar Garo Varjabedian
waste management -biogas people matrikation
design thinking /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/solving-problems-by-offering-design shafaki
plastex - recycling plastic bags to furniture /t/spot-the-future-caring-for-commons/559/plastex dina
Did we forget anything? add it yourself!

Photo documentation

@Ahmed M Rabie and @Hazem. It would be great if the photos from the event had the SPF egypt logo on, names of the people in the image and descriptions that include

  1. a quote from one of the entries in this table /t/futurespotters-workshops-the-aftermath/567/all-futurespotters-workshops OR General description of Spot the Future
  2. Link to URL where you found quote
  3. Join the initiative + Url to Spot the Future general page

Clear, will start working on them

ok - coordination

@Ahmed M Rabie in order not to duplicate the work , how far did u go till now so I can join u

how to add more rows in the table

can someone help me here !! trying to add some rows in the table to add the new entries in the aftermath + the entries in caring for commons …etc .

in the table prop I can’t add it gives me 31 rows but not an editable slot !!


you need to hit edit, click for the simple text view (below the wysiswyg editor) and then add more of the tr (table rows) in it, go back to full view and add your new content in each row.

some photos

I tried to make some photos with quotes but I don’t know all of the participants - as I wasn’t in cairo :)- so need some help here to continue @gazbee sorour @Ahmed M Rabie or anyone !

may be we can also make this post a little bit pretty with some photos before tomorrow ?

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