Governance of the Reef

I am coming to Brussels on the 6th December to meet Noemi, Alberto and others to talk governance in the afternoon (2 pm). The idea being to agree on a membership based legal entity to establish in the short term, and a more complex cooperative type structure for the longer term.

Alberto is preparing a list of core documents for me to read in advance, and I will be browsing the platform. Any other thoughts you might have, please share.

Note that all Eurostar trains are booked for those days so i will be taking the overnight bus from London and arriving early in the morning on the 6th. So I might need to come and have a power nap at the Reef when I arrive!


Ping @Sabine @Malcolm @yannick @Louise @Firas @CynthiaWeber and everyone who has been somehow involved in The Reef, participated at the workshops or wants to be involved in the design and further.

Please confirm below if you are coming.

Confirmed so far: Alberto, Noemi, Cynthia, @manuelpueyo, @BaobabUrbain.

I like the ownership model pioneered by Mietshäuser Syndikat in Germany (“rental building syndicate”). You might find it to be an inspiration. A bit about that is available here on the forum, with some weblinks inside:

Hi Noemi and all,

I confirm that Malcolm & I will take part in the meeting on governance with Patrick!

See you soon, Sabine


Hello everyone. Looking forward to meet Patrick and see you. Just to make sure… It would be good to bring to the room a jurist who knows about belgian law. My colleague Paco told me that this one is very creative and knows about co-housing project. I leave you the link just in case there is budget Mr carnoy

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Ping @CynthiaWeber @LouiseB for 6th December: 2 PM - 5 PM.

This is where we discuss with Patrick and prepare ahead, so any thoughts you might have or questions you would like answered at the meeting, just drop them here.

Looking forward to see you, we meet at The Reef, you should both have the address by now, if not just email me.

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Hi Noemi,

“you should have the address by now” - eh, no! Where will the meeting take place please?

Thanks, Sabine

Sorry, I think it got lost in an email invitation. RUE Pierre Decoster 75, 1190 Forest. Ring both doorbells!