Graphryder (RyderEx) experiments

I don’t think we did - at least the dashboards we have now are not linked to any analytics.

Ping @rebelethno and @nextgenethno: Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

For reference in preparation for development, here is an example cypher query for calculating the co-occurrence network of a set of posts.

In this example, we connect to the ryderex neo4j database which contains data from all our platforms and corpora, select the “ethno-bbu” corpus on the platform, get posts by three users, and display the co-occurrence network at c=>3 of codes that annotate at least one of those posts.

MATCH (posts:post)-[:ON_PLATFORM]->(platform:platform {url: ''})
MATCH (posts)-[:IN_TOPIC]->()-[:TAGGED_WITH]->(corpus:corpus {name: 'ethno-bbu'})
MATCH (posts)<-[:CREATED]-(u:user) WHERE u.username IN ['kerak', 'player1', 'fel']
MATCH (posts)<-[:ANNOTATES]-()-[:REFERS_TO]-(code)
MATCH (code)-[cr:COOCCURS]->(code2)
WHERE cr.count >= 3 AND cr.corpus = 'ethno-bbu'
WITH DISTINCT cr AS cooccur, code, code2
RETURN DISTINCT,, cooccur.count ORDER BY cooccur.count DESC

Example from results

code1 code2 cooccur.count corpus
“pandemic” “coronavirus” 10 “ethno-bbu”
“breakup” “Memories” 9 “ethno-bbu”
“Mother” “self-reflection” 8 “ethno-bbu”
“sanitize” “pandemic” 8 “ethno-bbu”
“fear” “Mother” 8 “ethno-bbu”
etc …

@nadia, we need a new logo for the next generation of Graphryder. Do you want to design one? :slight_smile: Or work with someone to do it?

sure. Round or square or other?

Preferably a vector graphic on a transparent background that is simple enough to be recognizable even when it’s only 50x50 px but still looks good at 300x300 px.

I’m thinking that we want three variants:

  • Text only
  • Logo only
  • Logo + text

Sort of like the Blivande logos have three variants.

Text only

Logo only

Logo + text

ok when do you need it by?

No rush. A month?