Greetings from Cairo

My name is Ali Hussein, a maker of sorts from Cairo, Egypt. Part of a hackerspace called Cairo Hackerspace, which has been a nice ride as running and working in a hackerspace is very educational and fun (can also go haywire at times :smiley:) . I’m currently committing to AI and Machine Learning as a field to specialize in and thinking of AI projects to fill my portofolio, working on home automation and IoT and between finishing the paperwork necessary to dropout of university.

I’m very much interested in startup/business ideas relating to doing away with the current state of higher education, as from personal experience and readings, so if someone is interested in that too hit me up.

I’m also interested in playing around with alternative and democratic economic and social constructs. especially the economic idea of growth. I was introduced to your lovely community by @hazem and I’m intrigued by the atmosphere I sense and figured I’d virtually walk in and see what’s going on !


hey @Ali welcome here :smiley:

first of all I am kinda curious about the status of the cairo hackerspace now, are you guys back in the old space ? or where are you based now , would be nice to tell us a bit about the hackerspace journey.

speaking of AI , there are some AI crowd here, some are from Egypt as well ( @Bakr @bishoyabd ) or staying in Egypt for now like @imake …basically now @matthias is working on the coffee sorter machine which includes some image recognition AI part.

Matthias and me are now in Morocco and some other folks will join to work with Matt on the project, I am not sure if there is a way for remote contributors ? I think this could be fun to do as this part could have some online collaboration … @matthias ?

Ps ; you should check paycoupons :slight_smile:

Hi Ali, welcome to the community. IoT and home automation are very interesting topics to play with.We are currently working on a home automation project (me and three of my friends) and we expect to have the final prototype by the end of q2.

I hear you, “dropping-out of University” is a so hard decision - especially if you intended to continue your pursuit in Egypt, as it takes a lot of guts to come to the realization that you aren’t on the right path and your aspirations in life lie elsewhere.I had this idea before.but after asking around I figured out that there are many concerns beyond doing that; Good luck though.

hi @Ali im tantawy form Egypt also =) really nice introduction i like it very much ,
i may be interested to know what did you produce on machine learning at home automation .im already working on project related to furniture so we may find cross cutting fields >
please check :

waiting your response

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