Hack 4 Environment Morocco

Do you want to be part of developing solutions to the climate change and environment problems that we are currently facing in MOROCCO ?

Dates : 22 / 23 Of November.
Place : Go4work, Zerktouni Street, Casablanca, Morocco.
Time : Each day from 09:00 am to 18:00 pm

In Morocco and in the MENA region in general, the environmental issues are NOT yet considered as REAL problems, which could be understood when you find a huge unemployment rate, the poverty and dropping out of school rates have also increased in the last few years because of the economic crisis. BUT, we know how we should move for the environment, and how if we think sustainability, if we think long term, then people should be aware of how serious our environmental issues are.
For that, we are going to be part of the Edgeryders Hackathon series that are going to be delivered in the MENA region, to raise awareness, to tackle our problems and solve them!

The challenge will be: How can technology help today address the urging environmental and agricultural issues? How can it help achieve the following Sustainable Development Goals?

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
SDG 13: Climate Action
SDG 14: Life Below Water
SDG 15: Life on Land

All participating teams in all Hackathons will be invited into choosing one or more of the above SDGs to work on, and come up with solutions to address it/them and achieve the goals set by the UN.

Why should you participate?

  1. It is a community based event so you will be working with extraordinary people who believe in CHANGE.

  2. There will be interesting workshops and webinars with EXPERTS from the Edgeryders community that will guide you through the way to develop your solution into a real sustainable product.

  3. There will be prizes that will help turn your prototype into reality:

How to be part of the Hackathon?

  1. Create an Edgeryders account here: https://communities.edgeryders.eu/login
  2. Fill in this application form: https://tell.edgeryders.eu/hack_4_environment
  3. Join our Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/475630766632856/

Want to contribute?

If you feel like you can be part of this hackathon, that you can help the teams protoype their ideas and help the develop them into real solutions, then please join us!

We appreciate each single contribution and look forward to meeting you

About Edgeryders

This event is organized as part of the Edgeryders festival , and it is one of the series of the hackathons that will be organized in the MENA region at the same time. It is a community based event and it was coordinated in the Edgeryders platform, like the previous events we have organized.

The MENA region Hackathon are led by @Sohayeb , and @Hananelegsir in Morocco so if you have any further questions you may share them with him, he wil answer with pleasure.

Looking forward to hearing from you everyone!

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Hi Chaimaa and welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile:

The topics you have zoomed in on are interesting and of course relevant.

A reflection I had from participating in an event on Impact Technology to take on the climate crisis is that few people who don’t have PHDs on the subject actually understand what the real threats are or how different issues/problems are interconnected.

Which means that they might be likely to invest their time and effort in something which may not b considered an interesting enough solution for people to want to invest time, money or social capital into.

So perhaps it could be a good idea to do two things

  1. Look at these two reports to identify high impact areas that it makes sense to focus on, as well as find novel solutions that people are already building in other parts of the world to inspire the hackathon participants: Exponentialroadmap.org I Goodtechlab.io
  2. Make sure to invite experts/people who have local experience running businesses within the relevant sectors.

What do you think of this?

The Hackathon’s program:

Planning.pdf (988.3 KB)

FIRST DAY: Hack 4 Environment Morocco

First of all, we would like to thank our local partner Makesense and their volunteers for being part of this first amazing Hackathon with Edgeryders in Morocco.

We started the day with an ice breaker game with the participants to let them start the Hackathon with positive energy:

Then we launched the first workshop : Ideation by Makesense. With a teamwork session to develop each team’s ideas and choose the convenient SDG to work with.
All the young entrepreneurs were very excited to start this first workshop. However, the majority of them had simillar difficulties, which are all about organization. They all had a lot of great ideas that can make change and a great impact on the environmental issues. Hence, they didn’t know which one should be used, how can they choose and when they can start and turn it into a beneficial project.

After the lunch break, the participants continued the team work and then we started the first Introductory Webinar and live chat with @nadia, Edgeryders Co-founder.
She did a global presentation for Edgeryders, MENA YP and OCI Lab program.
And a Q&A session to let the participants understand more and they felt free to ask all their questions.
This experience was a first for all the participants, having a live chat with an international community and sharing ideas and comments with them was encouraging and motivational so they can do their best for this Hackathon.

Second workshop: Business Model Canvas by Makesense: @jaloun

Second Webinar and live chat of the day on Product Design with Susanne Stauch.

After the live chat, the participants started to work on the first and second deliverables with the help of Go4work and Makesense’s professors, in an atmosphere full of energy and vitality.

SECOND DAY: Hack 4 Environment Morocco

We started the second day with a brainstorming to see where every group is with the two deliverables. Then we had a financial workshop by Bouchra from Makesense.

The last Webinar and live chat with @matteo_uguzzoni on Storytelling, Sales and Pitching where the participants worked on different exercices.
Young entrepreneur’s major problems are related to finance (Sales & finding customers); pitching and how to prepare a great presentation. Matteo helped them a lot on these sides, he gave some interesting tips for the PPT presentation which can change the whole way of seing any project. They did some exercices that helped them to build their storyboard, to find their audience, to define their projects in one concreate sentence that can be informative and that anyone can understand…

After the 2 hours call, the participants started finalizing the deliverables and posting all their projects on the Platform.

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THE END: Hack 4 Environment Morocco
We would like to thank all the participants for their perseverance, reactivity and presence.
You made this Hackathon work.

Good luck for TEAM MOROCCO!