Hack For Earth V2

After running fruitful and enriching work sessions with Zindi Team and IEEE Sup’com Student brunch, we proudly announce that the organizing team is ready to launch the second edition of the Hack for Earth event.

Aligned with the **Sustainable Development Goals ** and themed around fire prevention, the second edition of “Hack for earth” is a 32-Hour online hackathon where the brightest ML community members in Tunisia come together to solve a real environmental challenge for the betterment of our planet.

"We strongly believe that fire protection plays a key role in protecting the environment. Through this event, we have the ambition to showcase that science and technology can solve real environmental problems" said @Meds.jedidi1 Zindi ambassador in Tunisia

Each year, thousands of fires blaze across the African continent. Some are natural occurrences, part of a ‘fire cycle’ that can benefit some dry land ecosystems. Many are started intentionally, used to clear land or to prepare fields for planting. And some are wildfires, which can range over large areas and cause tremendous amounts of damage. Whatever the cause, fires pour vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, along with the smoke that degrades air quality for those living downwind.

Figuring out the dynamics that influence where and when these fires will occur can help us better understand their effects. And predicting how these dynamics will play out in the future, under different climatic conditions, are extremely useful.

The historical data collected since 2011 presents burned areas across Africa along with some additional information (such as rainfall, temperature, population density…).

The challenge is to build a model capable of predicting the burned area in different locations over the 2014 to 2016 test period based on the historical data provided (we will post more details on Zindi platform)


6th and 7th of March 2021

:scroll: Program

Besides the hackathon, the program will be rich in technical and non-technical interventions. Participants will have the chance to attend workshops and talks that can help them during the competition and improve their data science skills.

The program details will be revealed soon! Stay tuned!


Hack For Earth welcomes any university, high school students, professionals, and data science enthusiasts across Tunisia and all over the world :world_map:

NB: Submissions not from Tunisia :tunisia: are ineligible for prizes


:1st_place_medal:First prize: 500DT

:2nd_place_medal:Second Prize: 300DT

:3rd_place_medal:Third Prize: 200DT

Want to join us ?

:point_right: Please fill in the registration form and the secret code will be emailed to you.


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