Harmonious Hackathon Builder

This wiki is where we collaboratively build the Harmonious Hackathon project plan, step by step.

The aim is to build a recurring series of effective, fun and economically sustainable hackathons that facilitate p2p collaboration and mutual support around existing and new social good projects. The original idea is described here.

By pooling our knowledge and sharing the work involved in developing and testing different parts of the plan, and inviting others to join the efforts, we ensure this initiative is built for community by community.

Step 1: Gather and summarise feedback from Harmonious Hackathon \#1

If you were at the first Harmonious Hackathon, please leave your feedback here. So far the feedback gathered is:

We are interested in organising more Harmonious Hackathons:

@danohu, @Nadia , add your name here

Features we want:

  • Date and duration set minumum 8 months in advance and ensure no clash with major tech events.
  • Secure beautiful venues / location with big kitchen, beds + showers, and lots of working space.
  • Keep it social:  cooking together, activities that force you to stop and socialise. ability to meet and have intellectual and practical exchange with people from different backgrounds.
  • Give track coordinators guidance and support (ideally two leaders per hackathon project/track)
  • Allow for different time-frames : 2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks.
  • Pre-event preparation to select appropriate objects e.g. ensure tasks are realistic w.r.t time available.
  • Friendly non-competitive atmosphere: make serious effort to involve "non-technical" participants.
  • Ensure work and discussions are well documented.
  • Make sure there is a proper wrap up settion to showcase and celebrate one another's good work.

Proposals for themes or projects:

Technical: must have a well-specified and plausible objective. Ideally continue an ongoing project, rather than always trying to build something new. Possible themes and projects: Hack necromancy, continue on projects that partcipated in #haho nr1, add yours here.

Non-Technical: can involve a lot more people than a purely technical hackathon, and can break down well into small task. Possiblle themes and projects: Booksprints, add yours here.

Step 2: Build the plan

How do we get from where we are to where we want to be with the Harmonious Hackathons? How do we finance the work e.g. applying for funding? What is the first step to get started?