I am yoga & wushu instructor from Armenia. My greeting to creators of this site. I think it will be a cozy virtual nidus for international friendship.

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Welcome on board!

Hello dear Andranik!

I am very glad to see you here!

I think this platform has a huge potential to help the yoga / wushu / holistic health scene in Armenia to develoop and spread even more, because here you can find people from many different cultures and backgrounds, and this space is really full of ideas, skills and perspectives! Enjoy your time with the Edgeryders:)

Welcome from me too!

Andranik I’m glad you find the space useful, it’s been created with a lot of work and love much more than any other resources, and you’ll see it’s constantly evolving based on community members’ needs.

My advice is to give yourself some time to get better acquainted with what’s going on here, browse through the stories and get in touch with others.

If you’re up for more, consider taking up one of the missions we have set up especially for people who are driving change in Armenia: Making a Living (dealing with how are people finding work that matters and that they enjoy doing) and  Caring for commons (scouting projects that prevent or raise awareness about environmental damages). If you’ve got stories from the Edge,do share them:)

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