Help us reach out to community builders in the Czech Republic! Share the Call for Local Connector

Hello all,

We will be dedicating the remaining of June to discovering great people and projects in and around the Czech Republic who can join our team and mobilize others to share stories of wellbeing…

We need all the support of the network, no matter where you are based, maybe you know someone who knows someone who is active in this part of the world. Please share this call widely:

Social media status updates

_Do you know anyone in #CzechRepublic who would enjoy connecting their community to an international network?

_Open position for a #Czech community builder to join the project Wellbeing in Europe! Deadline for applications 30 June!

_New job application: How are you living through the Czech healthcare system? Share your story with the EdgeRyders community and work with a fantastic team!

_Interested in a new, online-offline community connector job? EdgeRyders are looking for Czech wonder people. Learn more at the next Virtual Cafe!


#ČeskovsrdciEvropy (Czechs of Europe)
demokracie (democracy)
#MigraceOnline (migration online)
#zdravi (health)


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@inge @anon82932460 this is what we have so far, please help!
I made it into a wiki, so feel free to remix and change the status updates. I will ping everyone in the team to get help, in addition to you manning the official channels.


I have a few comments, but totally immersed in doing digital outreach for zeg festival in tbilisi today and tomorrow… when do you need edits by? I can make/find time if it’s needs to go out now :wink:

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What’s important is that it goes out, use this or not, after all you guys are in charge.

Wanted to share and help, if you see something wrong here just edit/ give me a heads up, and if you have time to add your own messaging, especially in Czech, so we can learn/ borrow better stuff, great.

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@Jan @Jirka_Kocian @MariaAlinaAsavei @supernova @Richard @amelia @Maja @zmuc @wlayche can you share this with your networks and on the platforms you use?

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Already did and I already got a very promising response;)