Hey everyone

I’m Nelli from Armenia. I am a yoga trainer, office manager in a wine shop and also very active person in. It is pleasure for me to share different interesting ideas here with you concerning the life, social cultural, environmental issues in Armenia. I’m very to learn more what this network can give me and of course I’ll be happy to share what I can do! I wish everyone a happy ride. :slight_smile:

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welcome !

Welcome @Nelli

very interesting introducion, I like yoga too :slight_smile:

you will probably have a lot of opportunities to talk about all these interesting things in this workshop 

if you are coming, let everyone know and subscribe to this event :slight_smile:



Hey, Dorotea. Thank you)) Yes I will attend this event and hope to meet you here in Armenia and share our knowlege about yoga and everything :))

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Welcome on board!

Hi Nelli, nice meeting you and thanks for your introductory post,

I’m Noemi, one of the community builders around here,

Quick thought, I wanted to let you know we’re hosting a call for new people to get familiar with what’s going on and especially Spot the Future. Happens this Thursday afternoon/evening and I do hope you join us, here’s the link:


If you wanna join but haven’t used google hangout before let me know and I’ll try to help with that.

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Hello, Noemi. Thank you for the link, and yes, I would like to join you but in the evening, after work. I use google hangout :)) Hope to see you soon.

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Yoga teacher training for young women from Goris?

Hey Nelli,

As you remember we had a request from Goris city / Southern Armenia, to organize a teacher training for young women living in Goris, to be able to teach yoga in their city, in a newly opened health center organized by a US Peace Corps volunteer who wrote me recently and may be in Yerevan soon for a meeting. This can be a good opportunity for spreading yoga and healthy lifestyle in the regions, as well as earning some money for you (I may not be in Armenia by the time of the training) because there is a fund that can be used for the training, according to Jennifer (the volunteer who is initiating that health center).

This sounded like a futurespotting thing, so I thought to put it on this platform;-)

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Hey Vahagn,

Thank you for sharing this with me. I would be glad to have such experience of training trainers for yoga and not only in Goris but everywhere in Armenia. This can become a healthy lifestyle project, which can help me to earn as well, and would help people to become healthier, balanced, relaxed and so on. Looking forward to hear from you or Jennifer soon.