WEEKLY COMMUNITY CALL: Come say hi and meet other Edgeryders!

Every week Edgeryders hosts a group video conference call to welcome new people in the community, as well as get up to speed with what is going on and where help is needed. We document the sessions and post them online in the weekly blogposts about what is going on, and where people can jump in to help each other. If you know someone who should be in this call but isn’t, go ahead and invite them!

If you want to bring something up at the next group conference call, just post a comment here before the event to give us time to coordinate a bit. See you soon!

Join the hangout: http://goo.gl/8SBxCA

…or fast forward through short recaps of all community calls

What do we do in the calls?

  • Catch up with the latest events and news from the community members
  • Onboard new edgeryders
  • Get to know one another and learn about each other's projects
  • Meet new inspiring people
  • Find opportunities to join interesting initiatives
  • Support each others work
  • Keep one another motivated
  • Have a nice time together

Community calls are a great way to come together, inspire one another, and help each other peer to peer.

Time and place:

Thursday 24th of April 11AM CET

In our online space:  http://goo.gl/8SBxCA

Join this event to let others know you are coming.

Post a comment if you want us to bring something up at least 24 hours before the event

See you in the call!


Date: 2014-04-10 09:00:00 - 2014-04-10 10:00:00, Europe/Berlin Time.

URL: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents


Hi everyone, I’m there and square.

If you want to join us and haven’t used google hangouts before, get in touch here or at noemi@edgeryders.eu and will gladly explain how it works. See you tomorrow!

is it over

I thought it was on 7 not 6 ,I thought there was an hour time difference :frowning:

is it over already I can’t find anyone in the hangout or am I early ?

I am confused I don’t think there is actually a time differnce between CET and Cairo now

I think you missed it, but you can organise another one…

If there are a group of people who want to come together just go ahead and use the hangout channel (it’s always open) and if you want someone who has been around for a while, just call a human (go to the home page, you’ll see)

shoot :frowning:

Oh so Cairo doesn’t switch to summer time either? If I’d known earlier I’d have changed the time…

fortunately for you, you haven’t missed anything, it was me and Inge in Tbilisi plotting for next week’s workshop :slight_smile:

Let’s make appointments with only one time zone maybe

Hey guys!

I’ve already offered this once I think - mentioning only one time zone, for example CET (Central European Time) and everyone can check it online, then compare to his / her own time zone and be on time.

Today I had another reason to not manage it, but I hope to be there next time.

Thanks for the idea Nadia, it’s good to have this opportunity for communicating to others.