SPOT THE FUTURE workshop in Yerevan, ARMENIA

A new world is being built by people working far outside the mainstream. Spot the future is about connecting the protagonists, hackers, social innovators to their peers. Both those in other parts of the world, and the next door neighbour we meet every day, but didn’t know was so capable and creative! So we can learn from and support one another. 

Edgeryders are going to Yerevan as part of a tour to meet these great people and projects, while taking on the mission to showcase them in our global network.

Workshop format:

As with all Edgeryders events, this one is highly informal and participants are the protagonists. Expect a hands on introduction of how our network uses online collaboration to coordinate work on individual and community projects. We’re making sure we give it enough time to get to know each other, what are the challenges we’re facing in our work, what resources we can put together and make use of, assuming that no one is coming to the rescue. as well as lot of networking and good food :slight_smile:

Who it is for: Anyone passionate about their project. Citizens and representatives of initiatives related to unemployment, migration, poverty, environment and use of common spaces, arts, do-it-yourself approaches, community health and wellbeing, innovative civic participation channels etc.

Location : Mher Mkrtchyan 10, near the UNDP office, in an old Yerevan style 2 floor building’s inner yard

Time: We’re starting at 10am and will be there throughout Friday and Saturday, following up with evening drinks. 

The hashtag we’ll be using is #futurespotters, follow the discussion over those days!

​To register:

Sign up here on our web home and share your personal experiences around making a livingmaking a difference or caring for commons.

As soon as we have your contribution we will send you a ticket. But do it today: we only have a limited number of tickets, first come first served!

Date: 2014-04-17 20:00:00 - 2014-04-18 20:00:00, Asia/Yerevan Time.

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We’re coming!

Hi @Vahagn @Lurglomond and all,

curious if you need help with anything or if it’s all set? How about email confirmations and last minute details to people who registered here, on facebook or are in touch somehow? Are you guys handling that?

Looking forward to it, and to finally meet you on Wednesday !


Good afternoon:)

We are in touch with George, and I am in touch with the people who registered, and I also try my best to connect to more.

I am really looking forward to cycling together here as a promotion action by itself, on April 17th if you will be up for it. Cycling itself here represents a big thing because it’s new, it inspires many, it is very visible and people see how this particular positiv change is happening, so this is one of the best motivating things that is always active, so we use it as much as possible, linking it to as many ideas and events as possible. A friend of mine may help with his car to film that promo action too, if Sam will need it. He is offering to drive with us, with a cameraman inside:)

As for other kind of help - I think it would be great to catch up soon online, maybe first for an email-exchange, then also for a video call, to make a draft plan for the coming days together.

I didn’t have internet at home 2 days, so i have to find other places to get online, but notight i hope my internet will be back and I can again use it for the sake of humanity!:slight_smile:

(It was damaged from the wind I guess, 2 days ago)

so much for now,

I will be out for the coming few hours.

P.S. replying late also because I just saw this message, as notifications went to spam folder… Does this happen to others too?


I am with Noemi and Sam, they say: “How about we have a meeting at 12 CET, before the coordination call?”. 

good idea

 @Vahagn can you make it? If you don’t need me there I’d rather pass…


We’ll be arriving tomorrow evening but better to have the call to touch base …  we’ll be online anyway that time, for about an hour.

And yes, we can dedicate some of Thursday for cycling :slight_smile:

when are Noemi and Sam arriving here in Yerevan?

I can make it yes, I just got a call from the hostel guy asking when to expect the guests:) I could actually go to the bus station, meet Noemi and Sam and go to the hostel, where it is also a very cozy place for having a meeting. How about this?

Nadia, I think we will manage, you can pass I think.

tea meeting

Ok, let’s meet straight at the hostel around 7-8pm -ish, we’ll come by car. see ya!

Ok Noemi, let’s meet at the hostel then!:slight_smile:

You have my phone number right? anyway it’s 0037455310379 in case if you haven’t saved it. Have a nice trip to Armenia!

Email for the event in English?

Hi @Vahagn and @Noemi,

I received the email for the event but sadly my Armenian is not good enough, I am relying on Google translate so just to confirm:

Day 1: Friday, April 18, from 10:00 to 17:00, plus late evening of informal tea, drinks, snacks and meals.

Day 2: Saturday, April 19, from 10:00 to 15:00, with some tea, drinks, snacks and meals.

Right? Chist a?

Address/directions are unfortunately lost in translation, @Lurglomond (I guess that’s you George?) maybe you could help? Is it at UN House perhaps?

PS: narogutyun akhperner, I know I live in Armenia now and I should probably be better with the local language by now, but since the platform operates in English, I would suggest to take that into account with future communications and include an English version as well. wink

Ale, great to see you on edgeryders!  The venue is very near UN House.  Call me when you are in the area tomorrow…

P.s. yes, it is I :slight_smile:

George? “Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t” fi fi fi

Cool, I’ll do that. Nice avatar by the way smiley

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Hahaha! “If you were to ask me on a Tuesday…”

I found the avatar in Thessaloniki a few years ago…

Class-bound Socialism/Capitalism

Intriguing concept. Ah, the Greeks.

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It was connected to a protest about the bailout - moral hazard.


Just saying it could make it for a good harmchair discussion

Hey Alessandro:)!

Great to have you in our guest list!

Sorry for not including the english version, I will have it in mind for the next posts.

some minor corrections for the schedule:

Day 1: Friday, April 18, from 10:00 to 17:00, plus late evening of informal tea, drinks, snacks and meals.+ maybe participating in a protest demonstration, if we get notified on time and know where it is. Then returning to the venue and staying as long as we want.

Day 2: Saturday, April 19, from 10:30 to 16:00, with some tea, drinks, snacks and meals. (most likely on a different location, so we meet on republic square and go altogether by taxies. This is to be confirmed tomorrow during the day.

This was all for now,

See you tomorrow,

give me a call if you have difficulties finding the place.


Cheers @Vahagn, will note the number down.

…and, what exactly are you guys protesting about?

And as for the location, I will be able to call you or George when in the area, but, where is it? Maybe I know the place already…

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The protest is against the mandatory funded social tax blah blah

This is becoming a big deal, people keep insisting they don’t need this because they don’t trust the system and don’t want to be getting even less salary with a perspective of having a bit higher pension when they retire…there are other things in this issue too, that would be better to ask those who are actually in the core group of protest organizers. I am not one of them, i am only linking people to each other and trying to provide a platform to share ideas / experiences / tools / inspirations. Seems like we are having some of them tomorrow and the next day in our workshop, so, you are welcome to check it all out with them!:wink:

Location is near the Republic Square, not far from Erebuny Plaza and the UNDP office. if you are in the area and can’t find the address Mher Mkrtchyan 10, call me, I will meet you.