Hi everyone

Happy to join this group. I’m from Armenia.Hope to be useful for you and, on the contrary, be supported by you. :wink:

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Welcome on board!

Hi Lilit, I’m Noemi one of the “oldest” people around here in the sense that I’ve been with Edgeryders since the beginning, so if you need help with finding people or connecting don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you joining us at the workshop in Yerevan? Tell me more, is there something you’re working on and that you’d like to be featured in the Spot the Future as an initiative for change in Armenia? We’re soo looking forward to be able to map as many great things happening there, and while at it, learn a bit about the challenges faced and the fixes we can test ourselves as citizens… Would love to read your thoughts on this… 

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Sharing is useful

Hello Lilit, good to meet you. I am Alberto, and I am older even than Noemi – also a lot anagraphically older than she is, and probably you are. In my experience, in and before Edgeryders, we all can be useful to each other. The trick is to share enough about yourself that other can figure out what you and they could do together, and in general how you could help each other. This is why we have this group, to just say hi and start getting some idea of each other and us all as a community. I will not be in Yerevan next week, but I am eager to read about you and our other new Armenina, Egymptian and Georgian neighbors here on Edgeryders. My story, in case you are interested, is here.

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trying to say in brief))

I’m only 19 years old student from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Frankly speaking, I’m a nationalist but in a positive way)). My nation has always been in hard situations (as far as you know our history… particularly Armenian Genocide) and I also have a mission of changing something into good as every Armenian . As I’m a future excursion guide, I’m interested mostly in preserving nature, animals and the witnesses of our history ( xachqars – cross stones, churches and other historical values). We must appreciate our ancestors’ great invest in history, love the nature surrounding us and respect us as using the nature in a bad way will finally do its harm…damage the world and us. . . 

hi Lilit!

Being proud of the place where you live, as long as it is not too extreme, is quite understandable, especially in the Caucasus, with its rich history and amazing food ;). Great you are an aspiring tour guide! Would love to have you tour me around Armenia, only have been to yerevan and Nagorno karabakh, but haven’t seen much else.

Could you tell me what kind of initiatives you have seen that are trying to preserve the environment which you found creative and efficient in Armenia? I remember a story about a protest to keep a park in place a few years ago which resulted in the government listening, but I am very interested to know about other stories as well :slight_smile:. And how have you yourself tried to make a change?

Hey Lilit:)

Good to see you here!

I hope you will find a lot of inspirations and spaces here on Edgeryders platform and will find the best ways to express yourself and to connect to the World though Edgeryders.

Could you tell a bit more about yourself? Is there anything specific you’d like to change in Armenia and did you ever try it?

Do you have any activist friends with good stories about their attempts to change something, to build something new?

I would like to invite you to take part in the local events that me and my friends are organizing, starting from tomorrow (april 13) morning: there will be a few cycling events - one just random cycling on the Freedom Square (by the way - for our foreign friends information - that is the square where the Soviet Union started crushing:) ) at 10am, then a picnick at Tumo park at 12:00, then a bubble festival at the Northern Avenue at 3:00 pm, and then at 7:00 pm “Tie and Wind” cycling action in the center of Yerevan till 10:00 pm. You are welcome to join all of them or any part you want / can.

Here are the links to those events, until I create topics about them here on edgeryders too:



You can write me here or call me on 055 310379 or 091 310379 if you have any questions.

Enjoy your ryde :)!

Hello Lilit

hello Lilit , welcome on board , I am sure -as I have seen the comment - that u will find a lot of support her .

can u tell us more about ur studies and future plans , do u intend to continue ur studies , find a job in an institution that is preserving the nature , do u intende to travel , etc ?:slight_smile: