Hodges' Health Career (life chances) Care Domains Model

Hello everyone

I am a full-time community mental health nurse based in Ormskirk Lancashire. Since 1998 online Have championed a conceptual framework - Hodges’ model which was created to facilitate person-centered, holistic, integrated care and reflective practice. Currently I am researching the model at Lancaster University in Technology Enhanced Learning. My Part 2 project involves evaluating the model by creating a new web resource to prototype specific content types, gather data and create some research interest. I plan to use Drupal to create my research platform.

I have just posted news of OP3N on my blog “Welcome to the QUAD”


  • which also lists a bibliography:

Jones, P. (2004) The Four Care Domains: Situations Worthy of Research. Conference: Building & Bridging Community Networks: Knowledge, Innovation & Diversity through Communication, Brighton, UK.

Jones, P. (2008) Exploring Serres’ Atlas, Hodges’ Knowledge Domains and the Fusion of Informatics and Cultural Horizons, IN Kidd, T., Chen, I. (Eds.) Social Information Technology Connecting Society and Cultural Issues, Idea Group Publishing, Inc. Chap. 7, pp. 96-109.

Jones, P. (2009) Socio-Technical Structures, the Scope of Informatics and Hodges’ model, IN, Staudinger, R., Ostermann, H., Bettina Staudinger, B. (Eds.), Handbook of Research in Nursing Informatics and Socio-Technical Structures, Idea Group Publishing, Inc. Chap. 11, pp. 160-174.< br /> Jones P. (2014) Using a conceptual framework to explore the dimensions of recovery and their relationship to service user choice and self-determination. International Journal of Person Centered Medicine. Vol 3, No 4, (2013) pp.305-311.

You may find this model relevant to your respective projects, if so please get in touch…

If you have any key papers, reports or conferences I’d be delighted to hear of your news.

Best wishes in your work.

Peter Jones Community Mental Health Nurse CMHT Brookside Aughton Street Ormskirk L39 3BH, UK

& Graduate Student - Lancaster University: Technology Enhanced Learning Blogging at “Welcome to the QUAD” http://hodges-model.blogspot.com/ http://twitter.com/h2cm

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Welcome, Peter!

Hello @pjones, welcome to Edgeryders. I checked out briefly your blog: congratulations, you really are very active!

But where is the model? I read your 2004 paper: I am a non-professional and may simply lack the knowledge to process it, but what it looks to me is that you are discussing a model that was presented somewhere else. There is a link at the end of the paper, but it points to a site no longer active.

Would you have a “Hodges model for dummies” somewhere?

Ping @markomanka, he’ll know a lot more than me.

Hodges’ model

Hello Alberto,

Thanks for your interest and response. Ah! It sounds like you have tried to access the old website p-jones.demon.co.uk which was valid from 1998 up to last summer when Demon closed as an ISP.

Sorry about that. My current studies will include posting some introductory information. I’ve just organised new hosting.

I’d be happy to try to answer questions and will add a note on my blog / and to the papers I have re. the expired website.

Kind regards,

Peter Jones

Integral Care

Hallo Peter!

This looks very much like a care model relatet to integral aspects as in “Integral Theory”. For insiders there ist not much to mention… you are on the right pass, following the right train of thougt.

We do have a simolar model in Mind but not only focussing on health, rather integrating health, learning, knowlege and cohabitation into a larger scheme.

So we want to encourage you to not only reserach this and create a virtual environment but work with real communities, who get supported by your ideas.


Real communities

Hey @samadhi.0110 and @pjones, it’s been a while and in the meantime mental health became quite a topic here in OpenCare, with many people showing interest and sharing their work. You might find interesting what WeMentalHealthNurses are doing as they bring people on twitter to discuss topics of interest for both caregivers and patients, and refine the idea of MH nursing in a very dynamic community.  Just a thought, hope your work is progressing?