Host a session: Share what you know, learn what you need!

At the physical event rooms are assigned to tracks, i.e. we have a number of tracks running in parallel. Each track broken down into a 3 hr sessions. Each session has a leader and people facilitating and documenting discussions. People can wander between sessions.

Hosting a session means:  Proposing the outline for the session (see template here) and taking responsibility for facilitating and documenting it (you won’t be alone, but we need one person to coordinate each session so others know who to turn to if they want to help). Then all of us invite people to flesh them out online and turn them into an immensely useful and generative learning experience even before we on location. By the time we are together in the room, we would have made a lot of progrss already and can make the most of our time together. Also this enables also those who cannot be there in person to share the benefits.

Once you have a session outline, create an event and copy paste your proposal in it!

Got questions, ideas or links to any material you would like to discuss before posting a session proposal? Leave a comment below!