How to join the #lote4 twitterstorm fun!

Next week we will have our own twitterstorm  exactly on the 16th of September at 12:00 CET. As always, the twitterstorm is a fun, unusual press conference that brings together many Edgeryders and audiences to reflect the different voices involved in shaping our community event Living On The Edge (lote4).

How to be part of the Storm

Its all up to you, really. The more time and effort you choose to offer, the more gifted we all are in the end.

1. Simply show up. Speak your mind

  • Tune in on twitter at 11:55. Open in a browser or your desktop application if you have one. If you're not registered on twitter, consider creating an account.
  • Search for the #lote4 hashtag and wait for someone to announce the beginning of the storm.
  • Jump in and tweet, retweet or modify tweets you like. You can tweet in whatever language you want, preferably your own. The more diverse the better!
  • note: if you're afraid too much action from your account will spam your followers, tweet at only the people you want to, by starting your tweet with @name and remembering to add the \#Lote4 hashtag

2- Share your thoughts about a specific project

The last 20 minutes or so will be dedicated to just talking to each other instead of talking at others. We’re learning to foster deeper conversations around Stewardship and what that means to different people. Be ready to tweet your thoughts about your own or favorite projects, share links to their websites/blogs/stories, ask your fellow twitterers more about their own.

Make the best out of one hour we’re all spending together before we meet in Matera next month.

3. Join the Situation Room

Consider taking an hour to be fully in the twitterstorm. Join me, Noemi, Ben, Alberto and others in the team in our own situation room, behind the scenes. The added value of this is understanding better how a storm works and having fun, chatting over a cup of coffee while tweeting. Have a care: the situation room is Google Hangout, so it requires a Google account and it only holds 10 slots.

Looking forward to see you Tuesday!