I want to be part of the team

Hello Egderyders, My name is Astghik Sahakyan, I`m from Armenia.

I am very interested in job opportunity. I am very active in social networks, I learned about the organization from right here, actually. I think that it’s a wonderful idea to unite people from different countries under one idea as well as to help and develop communities en masse. I’m active in both public/social and political issues and am a sociologist by profession. I have a lot of experience working with many different people from all walks of life. I have also worked in management positions for social network communities, managing PR and media. For many years, I have done volunteer work on social programs related to community development. I have experience being a team manager , coordinating more than one hundred youth volunteers and workers. I believe that I have a lot of relevant experience and feel that I would be a good asset for your team, who I would love to work with.


Astghik hi, how’s it going? Thanks for joining EdgeRyders :slight_smile:

I’ve looked through your profile here but there is no link to your social media profiles or projects you’re working on. Would you care to share with us some of the things you’re most proud of?

When you think about wonderful, future building initiatives in Armenia, irrespective of field (arts, labour market, migration, heath), what are those which come to your mind? They can be very small and live outside the civil society sphere, in fact that’s where we’re focusing on. With Spot the Future our aim is to connect with the people driving projects or testing solutions with a certain degree of risk (perhaps they don’t make a living out of the project?), help them meet one another and invite them here in a conversation beyond geographic borders. Do you think you could help us reach them? How?

Another thing that I’m curious about is your feedback about the project communications so far. Example this post: Connect with 1800+ people working to make the world a better place! - Spot the Future - Edgeryders

Do you think it’s interesting, inspiring enough or would reasonate with change makers in your country? be it in English or the Armenian translated version.

Thanks, I think any input at this stage is super valuable, as we’re building the project and we may be trying out different approaches before we find the better one. It’s how Edgeryders works… the more eyes on something, the better it will be.

Hey @Astghik! I am glad you decided to come to the event in Tbilisi! You can communicate with us about any logistical details further on. @Nadia @Noemi @Saidhamideh @Inge