Join and prepare for this week's community call?

Hi guys,

So I don’t know if you have seen the newsletter this week?

I looked at all the different projects and realised that they all somehow involve a similar element, sharing stories and making sense of them together. Usually first hand accounts of practical experiences from trying to build something and what challenges we are coming across.

In Nepal it’s about responding effectively to the earthquake without losing sight of the bigger, long term issues and challenges to solve. In Egypt, the political situation is forcing people to be much more creative about finding new ways to support one another’s work in a time of persecution of grassroots initiatives. In Romania it is about discovering, learning to value and connecting all the beautiful projects and people that are building a new and hopeful future. In Belgium it’s about collecting and learning from one another’s failures and so on.

It all starts with seeing and understanding one another’s work, then making sense of how to move forward better. I had been playing around with this idea that we have been developing: of crowdsourcing a book of case studies with a layer of analysis on top for future makers. But after a tweet from Antiheroes asking for interview approaches, I realise that maybe we could produce a bigger one that works for all the projects (with different chapters for the different areas of focus) and then pool efforts to get a lot of involvement in it in all the different countries?

What do you think? If this is interesting then have a look at the first attempt to break it down into actionables (everything is a draft and can be modified), and maybe join the community call this saturday to work on it together?


Did someone (other than Nadia) do this before?

Perhaps it would be cool if you could just list a couple of important points we should visit on when discussing?

Also good ways to structure the work into packages may be helpful.



done it twice before myself, and @nataliegryvnyak wrote the last one. I just looked at previous newsletters and added sections depending on what was going on online. But I guess it’s not bad to have freedom in it: we all may have new ways to it and in the end create a better product? For example, the very personal introduction Natalia had this week I thought was great. And we may all have different ways to approach it, which will end up in a more interesting newsletter? :slight_smile:


First draft of a public call for contributions

It is based on one we prepared earlier with @saidhamideh for the Stewardship, but never pushed out what do you think?

The next thing could be complete a social media and engagement plan using the crowdfunding template ?

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looks really good. Question about the case study linked to: do we want our case studies in 3rd person as the example, or in first? I’m not sure what would work better, what would be more appealing.

Hmm first person maybe?

I think this is to be preferred as it is more intimate and helpful for encouraging collaboration. But I am unsure to be honest.

PS: I should read before posting


(dont mind me)

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That ended a while ago :slight_smile: