Make flyer and structure a landing page about the Future Makers Case studies book

So we have a clear idea for what we want to build with future makers and a call to action: producing a collaboratively built book

We need to produce:

  1. Something like this page:

  2. A flyer for spreading on social media, relevant forums and mailing lists like this one:

Who can help with this? Leave a comment below or write to me:

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Hey did someone already do something in this direction?

I liked the direction of . Only a tad more peppy, with less gravitas would be better I think. Also we want to make sure we add the network aspect.

Not yet


the focus this week for me has been on getting the process of submitting interviews and developing them into case studies on the roll here ahead of the call tomorrow morning.

Yes, agreed about the video. I think we need to find that storytelling nerve which I suspect will emerge a bit once we have discussed the first case studies. Maybe have a look at them and leave comments with feedback?