Join us in the Edgeryders Camp :D

Hello All,

So for now things are going good, as we have mentionned, we expect you to arrive in the 26th of Decembre, the camp is a two days camp, so we start the workshops in the morning of the 27th, and we finish in the evening of the 28th.

  • Book your flights to Djerba Airoprt.

  • We will provide for the ones coming Accomodation for three nights and Food for the 26, 27 and 28.

  • We will provide the transportation from Djerba to Medenine (both in the 26th and the 29th of December, for that we would appreciate if you try to find flights’ arrivals close to each other)

  • We don’t recommend at all that you book a flight to Tunis Carthage airport, and not Djerba, as it is super far away from Medenine, in case you booked to Tunis, you may book an internal flight to Djerba / take the bus to Medenine, but this will be a mess for you and tiring, so please avoid it.

We are supe happy and excited that @noemi will take the Community Building workshop :smiley: @anique.yael, we find what you propsoed to be super interesting, we think it will be perfect for the communication :smiley: if you can take any other workshop also, please let us know :smiley: and we need your final confiramtion about it :slight_smile:
As for @matthias,we will be super excited to have you with us and meet you finally, we really think you will have a great added value to the camp, so if you are coming, pleae confirm it to us, and tell us which workshop you can manage :slight_smile: ,
Please fill these two files Here and send it to the following Email: , so we can manage the reimbursement and the workshops program.
Concerning the reimbursement, please attach the file to the justfications
If there is anything not clear please let me know :slight_smile:


@zmorda @nadia @Alberto @johncoate @hazem @Sohayeb

It’s very good work, Yosser. I do not plan to myself come, but I think @matteo_uguzzoni will.

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I would really love to come and help with the community workshop, but I will have to leave it in Noemi’s very capable hands and hope I see you over there soon.


@yosser @zmorda thank you for all this information and the invitation. As long as I’m not taking someone else’s travel allowance I would love to join you and host that workshop, if not another, and help where I can.

Traveling today but will complete those forms and book my flights tomorrow.

Very exciting. Good luck with the preparations!


@Yosser @zmorda So I’m all booked. I decided to fly out on the 4th so I can spend some extra time acquainting with your communities and work because as you know, the research unit is very interested in collaborating more closely in MENA. Will get that workshop info to you in the coming days.


Hopefully we will have you with us next time :slight_smile:

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Hopefully we will have you with us next time :slight_smile: and we would love to have @matteo with us :smiley:

These are some good news! and we would be happy to have you with us for some extra days, see you in less than a month anique :smiley:

Thank you @yosser for the nice invitation (… and I’m sorry for the delay to answer, I’m quite underwater with stuff to do atm). So yes, I hereby confirm I will come to The Camp :slight_smile: Since I will be travelling in South Italy from end of this week, I will come over by ferry from Palermo and then by bus from Tunis, so no need to pick me up at the airport. Will have some more days to explore in Medenine (at my own expense for hosting of course) and then leave to The Reef Morocco on 2018-01-04 from Djerba, which seems to nicely fit in with @anique.yael’s departure.

As for my workshop: Does a blockchain / cryptocurrency technology workshop sound interesting for the audience?

That’s what I’m mostly doing atm, so I will have relevant and up-to-date information to share. It would take the form of an introductory workshop explaining the technology, then designing a useful new blockchain application together (as a concept) and I working out a rough plan for an ICO for that product (which means, for a blockchain-based crowdfunding event, working “exceptionally well” these days). Then, if anyone from the participants would want to take it up and make the ICO real and the idea into a blockchain product, they would be free to do that and it would actually be my ideal outcome.


Sounds Great I @matthias I had w quick chat with @Sohayeb yesterday about the "Technical workshops " you can deliver during the camp and may be @Sohayeb recommend a related topic , since he is working with youth in the south for almost one year now and he can identify the real needs .

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I find the workshop interesting and it is something that we really need to learn about, it will be so benificial for us;
concerning the ferry, can you check whether there is a ferry that goes to Zarzis, and not Tunis??? if so please book the one going to Zarzis.
if you didn’t find any, I wouldn’t recommendt taking neither the bus nor the train, as it will take you 8 hours in the road to reach Medenine, we would highly recommend that you take an intern flight to Djerba, so if you tell us in what hour you arrive we can book you an intern flight?

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@zmorda @Yosser As I begin to prepare the Communication workshop form I wanted to clarify a couple of things as I will be designing the workshop to meet the specifics of the group.

  1. Who will be in the room/ at the camp? What kinds of practitioners/ leaders/ demographics?
  2. How many people will be in the room?

Also as for another workshop, where is there a gap in your eyes? I can look to do something specific for what you feel is needed. One option is that I could also host a kind of closing session in terms of harvesting and harnessing the collective learnings over the three days towards actionable steps and pathways forward.

Also, @matthias great that you’ll be staying on too! I’m actually flying out of Tunis because the flight prices were the same and there are some potential collaborators based up there I wanted to try to meet, or at least acquaint with that area. Will be playing it all by ear and looking forward to some adventures.

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there will be about 15 participants, and maximum 10 active social leaders in Medenine, mainly aged between, 18 - 30, so in total, it will be maximum 25 in the room
Yes the closing session is a good idea and it will be benificial.
the gap in what exactly? communication? other thing?

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When you differentiate between participants and active leaders I assume you mean that maybe the participants are less experienced, better won’t the leaders also attend the workshops?

Do you know if participants have their own projects or are just students, or have jobs…?

Happy you’re coming :slight_smile:

Yes the leaders are more experienced and they will be invited directly to participate in the workshops, as they are leading social movements in Medenine, as for the participants, they will be active people in the region with new ideas / projects / visions… we didn’t select the participants yet, but we will have students and people working also, as the places are really limited


Great thanks @Yosser . What I mean by gap is where you feel there may be something missing in your program that I may be able to help with. I think co-hosting a closing session with you is the best idea from what I can tell.

Also, is there a way we can get a list of the leaders or an idea of the fields they’re working in?

Sadly I won’t be able to join, I don’t think I can get my visa on time before the camp and the flight tickets are getting more expensive anyways.
it’s a shame, was looking forward to meet you guys, Medenine folks, and discuss with you your ideas of local community development.
anyways I will be following the documentation of the camp and hope you enjoy your time :smiley: we will meet in another gathering hopefully

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@matthias I think a workshop on the blockchain/cryptocurrency/community currency is super interesting, people here need to start learning about these new technologies and models, and how to benefit from them :slight_smile: Still I would recommend to make sure to start with the basics as most of people (if not all) are not familiar with this technology. Furthermore, I imagine only few people have the basics in coding. Starting with the basics, and developping something very simple and practical during the workshop will be just fantastic!
@zmorda @Yosser as for me, I may suggest workshops on the following topics: Basics of community management, Business Model Canvas / Storytelling and pitching workshop / Tunisian Ecosystem