We are ready to have you in the Social innovation Camp of Medenine 27th-29th December

Hello Everyone, as we are getting closer to the dates of camp, and we finalized the program, we would love to ask you to confirm your participation (as an attendee or a trainer) in the camp by leaving a comment to this post, as you know, the places are limited to 10 persons from the edgeryders community that are coming from foreign countries!

For more détails please follow this link


Day 1

  • Social innovation : Case study of Edgeryders ,
  • Project Gallery:Getting to the participants projects/ initiatives / skills

PS:Each workshop will happen simultaneously by two different trainers

  • Workshop Pitching / Communication
  • Workshop Financial Sustainability / business model

Day 2

  • Workshop Prototyping /Fundraising
  • Workshop Community involvement
  • Project Gallery ( co designing a common project )

Due to the constraints in the budget, we will only be able to cover only three travel reimbursement (up to 500$), and it will be given to those who can deliver more than one workshop.

As for the accommodation and food it will be provided to everyone coming from outside of Tunisia.

@Yosser and @zmorda will be happy to answer your questions

So please leave a comment if you wish to join us in Medenine, and have a two days adventure in the barberian Ksour!


@noemi @hazem @winnieponcelet @anique.yael @nadia @matteo @matthias @nassim @m_tantawy @alberto @Sohayeb @baderdean

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Yay. I will send out an outline of what I have in mind tomorrow okay? I will model it on the one we are doing in Matera earlier in december. Then maybe skype to see exactly what is needed.

Again, I am happy to leave room to others to come, I would only come if it is indeed useful for you guys.
Also happy because I found I dont need a visa.


bien sure je veux avoir cet aventure . en quoi exactement je peux vous aider !!

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It’s looking good, nice work!

I wanted to do something on social innovation/financial sustainability, but I won’t be able to make it work timewise. I’m bummed out, looking forward to a next time :-).

We really wanted to have you with us :slight_smile: Next time

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@anique.yael This is the program,if you are still available to do one of these workshops :smiley:

@zmorda @Yosser Thank you for including me in this! I’m definitely interested in coming but am sensitive to how I’m coming in late and want to make sure those who have been more involved are given priority based on the limited places and travel funds.

Nonetheless, I can certainly share what I’d do for one or two workshops based on the program above. I’m not sure which workshops are already associated to certain facilitators but I could feasibly host one on communication and one on co-designing a common project. Would they be of interest/ are they free? Perhaps you could let me know what you had in mind for each and I can share a brief outline?

@anique.yael and or @noemi it would be good if one of you could go.

Perhaps @matthias - could be good to onboard people onto computational network bartering as a way to finance work of setting up social ventures following the event?

I’m going to be completely pooped after 6 months of basically non stop travel and need to stop for health reasons or I would have come too.

hey im ready to attend and i can help to organise the workshop i have good experience on that.
best regards

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Hi @miss ! thank you for your interest :smiley: can you present yourself please ? We will be happy if you can join us :smiley:

Maybe you have any suggestions Nassim? :smiley:

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en faite je vous propose d’ajouter des activités artistiques comme par exemple un petit atelier de théâtre ou d’art oratoire qui va être utile pour “Workshop Pitching / Communication” :smiley:


I’m totally with @nassim so why not to make things funny and smooth through some artistic touches


Such a shame to miss out, but I have a family wedding in the UK on the 29th.

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@nadia Hear you. I’m booked and will be there. Let’s check in before I go so I’m across big picture stuff if you like.

Hi guys, so sad that I can’t attend, the program looks awesome!
I’ve tried to jam everything together (the camp and the following holidays) but it is seems impossible. Good to ear that @miss could help with the Pitching session, if needed I can also have a online session and send materials and exercises :slight_smile:

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Hi @AchrefChibani we will be happy to host you in Medenine during the social innovation camp , it will be a great opportunity to know more about you work ans share the experience of skills to succeed with our community in Medenine . Please let us know if you can join us 27th and 28 of december

Hi Zmorda,

I will be grateful to have the opportunity to be part of this event. However, I would like to know further details about the program (trainers, logistics …) so that we can prepare ourselves for an effective participation.

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