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The event is or organised by (name of organiser) in collaboration with Edgeryders.

It forms part of Wellbeing In Europe, a pan-European movement of citizens who support one another, while finding practical solutions to building healthy, resilient lives.

You can learn more about Edgeryders here (in English) and follow our work on the program of which this event is a part here.


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hi Nadia, please specify description of the themes for the Polish audience. What are the other sessions except Healthcare and social services? Shall I stick to the word “summit” in description or it could be also translated as “conference”, which is more common for the Polish audience?


The way we set up a summit is we pick an overall “big theme” - this one being resilient livelihoods. Then people add the event program points that they would like to explore in more detail. Each propgram point can be targeted towards the audience of the organisers choice - which also means everyone is free to organise an event in any language they want. As you can see here there are several different topics within the livelihoods theme: Summit Program

I think the Polish landing page should be focused on one topic of discussion. Think of it as a “copy” of one of the events from the program, but adapted to the Polish context - even in terms of what the focus is. So if we choose healthcare, when we put together the text for the Polish language session we have to be mindful that the challenges related around healthcare in Poland are different from those in e.g Germany. I suggested healthcare because there is already a Polish langage discussion happening around the topic, and we also from other places have many stories of interesting and inspiring solutions people are doing on the ground in response to failures in either market or state-based provision of health or social care support. But there are others - Food is one example

On a more general note:

On the landing page it could possibly be useful to have a few lines describing how this event is connected to the other events happening on other topics and in different languages (English, French, German, Italian etc).

They are part of a bigger program where people in different parts of Europe are organising different discussions on different topics in different languages. Each session is properly documented with thorough notes in writing that we then publish on the online forum for the event. Regardless of which event they participate in, they get access to the online forum where all the notes from all the different sessions are published. This means that even if the discussion in another event was in a different language, they can still access the knowledge by translating the notes into their own language via an online translator. And even post a comment on the forum to participate in the discussions which will continue after the events.

Why do we do this? Because we want to create space for people to make sense of this bigger challenge and exchange ideas, build new relationships and opportunities with people from all over the European Union. And beyond.

People can participate freely in any event in the program, or even propose their own if they would like to organise something. They just need to fill in the registration form in advance.

Good, I will stick to this and mentioned pre-summit events and events in other languages. By when the landing page should be ready?

as soon as possible? Would be good to be ready to publish in 10 days?

sure. In which form should I submit the text when ready?